Zulu King and wife accused of owing service providers over R500 000

Zulu King and wife accused of owing service providers over R500 000

The magnificent traditional umembeso celebration that the Zulu King Misizulu kaZwelithini and his wife Queen Ntokozo kaMayisela Zulu held in July of the previous year is the subject of criticism for reportedly failing to pay the service providers involved. Over 250 guests were catered for during the important event, which the couple apparently hired two service providers for, but no money has yet been paid.

Newcastle’s Madadeni township’s Siphamandla Ndebele, the owner of Le Sasha Catering, came forward to voice her annoyance. Ndebele disclosed that for the services provided at the umembeso event, her company is owing an astounding figure of more than R400,000. Although the Zulu Royal family had first promised to pay after the ceremony, Ndebele bemoaned their lack of dedication to doing so.


“We were led to assume that Isilo and his wife would pay us after umembeso,

but we are still waiting and no one from the Zulu Royal family is willing to commit to paying us. We have used every available channel. The Zulu Royal family continues pledging to contribute, but they refuse to attend the celebration, said Ndebele.

The otherwise joyous event has been marred by this alleged financial promise breach, which raises concerns about the Zulu Royal family’s responsibility and transparency. Both the Zulu King and Queen are put under public scrutiny and pressure to make the unpaid debts as the claims gather steam.

Zulu tradition places great significance on the umembeso ceremony, which symbolizes a period of joy and harmony. It is intended to be a happy event that unites families and promotes the Zulu people’s values and traditions. The unresolved conflict between the Zulu Royal family and the service providers, however, has the potential to overshadow this ceremony’s positive parts.

The alleged parties have not yet made public a response to the accusations. The people is still interested in how the crisis will play out and whether the Zulu King and Queen would take action to make things right and repair their royal family’s reputation.

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