Zahara’s sisters have been accused of using the singer’s bank cards for shopping sprees.

the Tragic Saga: Zahara’s Sisters Accused of Exploiting Singer’s Bank Cards during Health Struggle

In the Midst of Adversity: Zahara’s Siblings Face Accusations Amidst Singer’s Health Battle

As the talented artist Zahara fights for her life in a hospital bed, distressing allegations emerge about her sisters misusing the singer’s bank cards for extravagant shopping sprees. This heartbreaking incident unfolds against the backdrop of a desperate plea for financial support from Zahara’s family and her fiancé, Mpho Xaba, to cover the escalating medical bills.

Betrayal Amidst a Health Crisis: The Accusations Unveiled

While Zahara battles for survival, her sisters Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana, residing at Zahara and Xaba’s residence in Johannesburg, are accused of pilfering her bank cards to indulge in unchecked shopping extravaganzas. The betrayal deepens as they disregard their sister’s critical condition, opting instead for a spree through Small Street in downtown Jozi.


The Shopping Escapade: Luxury Illusions and Deceptive Brands

Unbelievably, the sisters venture into dingy shops, purchasing imitation luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Diesel, and others. Their bags are filled with counterfeit materials, and they revel in the illusion of shopping in cosmopolitan hubs like Dubai, Paris, or New York. This disconcerting behavior raises questions about their priorities during Zahara’s health crisis.

Estrangement and Consequences: Xaba Takes Decisive Action

In the wake of this shocking revelation, Mpho Xaba, Zahara’s fiancé, takes a firm stand against the sisters’ actions. Traditionally wedded to the award-winning musician, Xaba reportedly denies the sisters entry to the private hospital where Zahara is receiving medical care. The decision follows an unsettling conversation overheard by Xaba, focusing on life insurance matters instead of addressing the mounting hospital bills and necessary medical tests.

Financial Strain and Stoic Resolve: Xaba’s Ongoing Battle

As the principal member of Zahara’s medical team, Xaba grapples with mounting expenses, purportedly reaching hundreds of thousands. Despite the stress and financial strain, Xaba remains resilient, choosing not to voice complaints about the escalating hospital bills. The dedication to Zahara’s well-being prevails, even as the source reveals Xaba’s silent struggle.

The Unfolding Tragedy: Zahara’s Health Journey

Zahara’s health crisis began shortly after her 36th birthday on November 9th, leading to her swift hospitalization. The situation worsened as she lapsed into a coma on Friday. The ICU admission, initiated over a fortnight ago, followed a series of tests revealing critical liver issues.

In the face of adversity, Zahara’s battle for survival takes center stage, overshadowed by the distressing actions of her own sisters. The unfolding tragedy underscores the need for empathy, financial support, and a unified front in the pursuit of her recovery.


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