Wizkid apologises for failing to perform in Ghana

Wizkid, a well- known musician, has transferred his suckers an unambiguous justifications for skipping his Saturday performance in Ghana.

His reason had verified rumours that he’d skipped an appearance before a huge gathering of eager sympathizers in Accra, Ghana’s Sports Stadium.
Multitudinous controversies developed as a result of people expressing their outrage and displeasure at the songster’s geste

Shortly later, the alleged show organisers also made an appearance to offer their sincere justifications while noting that Wizkid had broken their contract.

suckers were also guaranteed a refund for their tickets.
A certain Ghanaian star had indeed spoken out to demand the songster’s arrest for contract violations and for abandoning suckers in such an emotional state as they awaited for him that evening.

Despite this, Nigerians awaited the songster’s formal protestation to confirm whether or not he actually skipped the event for which he’d preliminarily made an advertisement.
Nigerians were ultimately given this by Wizkid, who expressed his complete remorse for his conduct on his sanctione Twitter runner in front of his followers, particularly Ghanaians.

He mentioned Ghana as one of his favourite nations. He continued by saying that there was a serious cause for his conduct, especially given that he does not like to joke about his business.

The musician claimed that his decision to skip the event was best for his fans as well as for himself.

In addition, he pledged to provide a flawless performance to his Ghanaian supporters shortly, something he and his crew are already working on.

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