What’s Next for the Zwide Family? Tune in to #HouseOfZwide at 7 PM Tonight

What’s Next for the Zwide Family? Tune in to #HouseOfZwide at 7 PM Tonight

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Isaac’s Personal Vendetta Against Bra Zakes

In the latest episode (209) of #HouseOfZwide, Funani’s attempts to deter Isaac from confronting Bra Zakes fall short. Despite Funani’s efforts, Isaac reveals that his feud with Bra Zakes has become deeply personal, unrelated to Nkosi’s hijacking.


Isaac’s Unexpected Ally and the Plot Against Bra Zakes

Episode 210 unveils a surprising twist as Makho, an assassin, is revealed to be an old friend of Isaac’s. Makho warns Isaac of Bra Zakes’ plot to end his life. Together, they craft a plan to retaliate against Bra Zakes.

Bra Zakes’ Retreat

In Episode 211, Bra Zakes and Sphamandla find themselves at the mercy of Isaac and the taxi drivers. Fearing for their safety, they agree to leave Tembisa indefinitely.

Challenges and Support for Isaac’s Shisanyama

As Isaac prepares to open his Shisanyama, Episode 212 portrays Maria’s offer to assist with flyers. Mampho, however, advises caution due to Rea’s recent passing. Despite a slow start to the opening day, Isaac finds solace in Maria’s unwavering optimism.

Community Unity Amidst Adversity

In Episode 214, Isaac receives overwhelming support from the taxi drivers and their families, boosting the morale at his Shisanyama. He delivers a heartfelt speech, emphasizing community unity in the fight against crime.

Interpersonal Conflicts

Episode 215 witnesses Mampho’s hurt upon discovering Ona and Soka together. Despite their claims of friendship, Mampho remains skeptical, citing their recent dinner outing.

Unveiled Feelings

Mampho grapples with doubt in Episode 216 but ultimately trusts Soka’s reassurance regarding his relationship with Ona. However, Ona confesses her feelings for Soka to Keletso, complicating matters.

Secrets and Struggles

While Nkosi expresses frustration over his inability to locate Kopano, Episode 217 reveals Shoki’s hidden turmoil. She wrestles with a secret she’s withholding from Nkosi, adding tension to their relationship.

Heartbreaking News

In a devastating turn of events (Episode 218), Zanele and Faith receive heartbreaking news during a scan. The doctor discloses that Zanele’s baby’s heart is no longer beating, resulting in a stillborn.

Revelations and Reconciliation

Episode 219 sees Nkosi’s anger towards Shoki dissipate when she unveils her plan to apprehend Kopano. Their reconciliation offers hope amidst uncertainty.

Wedding Preparations Amidst Challenges

Dorothy’s excitement turns to frustration in Episode 220 as Ona encounters obstacles while designing wedding attire. Despite challenges accessing desired fabrics, Dorothy remains optimistic about her special day.

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