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Uzalo Teasers and Updates – January 2023

Occasion 219, which vented on January 2, 2023

The relationship between Pastor Gwala and Nosipho is under jeopardy because of Nkazimulo’s exposure. Gabisile wants Sibonelo to meet the new man in her life after her bifurcation with Nkunzi.Mrs. Madlala is apathetic in Bongz’s desire for a family. In dealings with the police, the Magwazas.

occasion 220 from January 3rd, 2023

Upon Nkazimulo’s return, Pastor Gwala’s fiber is put to the test. Sibonelo is the target of a offer from Nkunzi, and Mbatha is growing uneasy over KFC’s declining deals.

On January 4, 2023, watch occasion 221

Nkunzi is incense when he substantiations a youthful couple canoodling in front of his business.

Occasion 222, which vented on January 5, 2023

Eventually accepting that Gabisile has set up love, a hurt Nkunzi prodigies if he’s truly over her. Mzimba is stuck between Mbatha and a slipup wall. Nkazimulo is given his penalty.

Occasion 223 – January 6, 2023

The attempt by Njinji to draw Gabisile into her scheme fails. Pastor Gwala goes over and beyond to pleasantly surprise Nosipho. When an irate Mbatha process Mzimba to his office, Mzimba begins to perspire violently. Nkazimulo abdicates responsibility for his own deeds.

occasion 224 for January 9, 2023

Sibonelo makes it apparent that he’s an grown-up who can watch for himself and that he’s not a youthful boy. The time has come for Mondli to admit the child. Mzimba is discovered stealing goods from Mbatha.

Occasion 225 for January 10, 2023

Nomaswazi has not yet reached the point of giving up. Nkunzi develops a relationship with Nkazimulo. Mbatha is looking for the person or people who are falsifying his particulars.

Occasion 226 for January 11, 2023

The members of the Mhlongo family gravitate in colorful, dangerous paths. In malignancy of Mzimba’s change of heart, he’s impelle to continue down the wicke path after being brazene by Gabisile about her infidelity.

Occasion 227 for January 12, 2023

Nkunzi receives comfort from an unanticipated source. Nkazimulo feels ignored as the lobola accommodations approach. When Mondli mentions a former familiarity, the Magwazas come uneasy.

Occasion 228 for January 13, 2023

Sibonelo strikes a bargain with Satan. Nkazimulo presents his companions with a present they will not soon forget. Mzimba’s side adventure is slightly holding on.

occasion 229 from January 16 of 2023

Mzimba’s delicate attempts to produce his own goods fail. Mbatha surprises his EXCO by revealing that the shamefaced party is one among them. KwaNjomane’s new director is Sibonelo.

occasion 230 for January 17, 2023

The shocking news that Pastor Gwala didn’t anticipate hits him hard. Gabisile learns interesting information regarding Mthambisi’s capers. Sibonelo and Hlelo admit elevations.

Occasion 231 for January 18, 2023, Wednesday

Sibonelo has entered plutocrat laundering training. Lilly is dispatche by Mondli to look up phone call logs for the Magwazas. Mbatha switches out at his church.

Occasion 232 for January 19, 2023

Sibonelo musters the guts to approach Nkunzi and request access to the company accounts. Nkazimulo must live with the impacts of his choices. Mbatha eventually identifies the pincher who took his goods.

Occasion 233 Friday, January 20, 2023

Hlelo has a reason to be suspicious about Sibonelo’s intentions. Nkunzi subtly jeopardises Nosipho’s future. When Mbatha rejects his defense, he adds the finishing touch on Mzimba’s demise.

occasion 234 for January 23, 2023

Mbatha is criticised by Vusi for not pardoning Mzimba despite his sweats. Sibonelo and Nomaswazi partake a moment. Wizard suggests that they censor plutocrat through the personality Lounge.

Occasion 235 for January 24, 2023

Sibonelo and Nomaswazi act in a way that they’ve been planning to since they sort of conformed. Nosipho is torn about the marriage and is caught between two worlds. Mbatha struggles with the remission spirit.

Occasion 236 for January 25, 2023

Despite the troubles, Sibonelo is really considering using the personality chesterfield to censor plutocrat. Lilly does not have time to consider Sthabile’s absurd and unethical request. Eventually, Nosipho’s big lobola day has arrived. Does this portend well for the Mhlongos and Xulus to complete their ground design?

Occasion 237 for January 26, 2023

The lobola addresses with Nosipho have gotten off to a shaky launch.

Occasion 238 for January 27, 2023

Mkhonto makes ilobolo absurd requests. Nomaswazi is comforte by Njinji that she has nothing. Mkhonto makes ridiculous demands for ilobolo. Njinji assures Nomaswazi that she has nothing to worry about. Nkazimulo accepts his life in captivity.

Occasion 239 for January 30, 2023

When Mondli can not find anything to tie a high suspect to, he’s at his head’ end. Nkunzi and Mkhonto allowed their dissensions to obstruct the lobola addresses. A woman in need asks Nyawo for backing.

occasion 240 from January 31st, 2023

The switch is flipped by Pastor Gwala, dealing a severe blow to Nkunzi. Sibonelo is curious as to what’s passing between him and Nomaswazi. Nkazimulo is happy to accept his fate in captivity. Starting his plan, Nyawo.

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