Uzalo Teasers and Updates – February 2023

Episode 241 for February 1, 2023

The connection between the father and son deteriorates, Sibonelo unintentionally draws danger into his family, and Nyawo discovers a dubious side business.

Episode 242 for February 2, 2023

Nomaswazi is discovered by Gabisile in the Mhlongo residence with Sibonelo. Nkazimulo is reassured by Pastor Gwala and Nosipho that he is not required to go. With Sthabile, Nyawo, being Nyawo, seizes the opportunity.

Uzalo Episode 243: February 3, 2023

After her strange behaviour, Nomaswazi and Sibonelo make up and kiss. A stolen selfie of Nyawo and Sthabile is displayed at the police station. Sibonelo learns that Hlelo is troubled by the novels of KwaNjomane.

Episode 244: February 6, 2023

Bab’Nsimbi gives Nomaswazi the shock of her life, but Sibonelo is unconcerned. While Nkazimulo expresses regret for his conduct, Pastor Gwala and Nosipho make plans for their wedding. Nyawo receives a cautionary tale against interfering in other people’s relationships.

Uzalo Episode 245 for February 7, 2023

Around Bab’Nsimbi, Nomaswazi feels uncomfortable. Nka’s interview touches Gwala and Nosipho. The radio conversation on fatherhood has an impact on Mondli.

Episode 246 for February 8, 2023

Wizard advises them to flee Philippe. Nosipho travels with Gwala to Mzimkhulu to make preparations for their wedding. Sibonelo is haunted by Philippe, who authorises money laundering through KwaNjomane.

Episode 247 for February 9, 2023, Thursday

Nosipho is waved off by the Xulus as she departs for her new life. Pastor Gwala, Nkazimulo, and Nkunzi put their pasts behind them and hug.

Uzalo Episode 248 from February 10, 2023

Wizard has left, leaving Sibonelo to deal with a massive mess alone. The wedding has a successful beginning. Screwdriver and Mzwezwe anticipate plenty of drama at the nuptials.

Episode 249 from February 13 of 2023

When Mrs. Madlala notices Bongz and Aunty Xoli together, her heart breaks. During the marriage of the Mhlongos and the Xulus, Nomaswazi makes an unexpected entrance.

Episode 250 for February 14, 2023

Philippe performs the unimaginable after tiring of Sibonelo’s justifications. Nosipho is questione by Nkunzi about her wedding speech. Nyawo declines to undergo a surgical procedure.

Episode 251 for February 15, 2023

Hlelo keeps looking into things as Sibonelo physically avoids a bullet. Regarding his children, Mondli changes his mind. Like the walls of Jericho, Nyawo’s world comes tumbling down.

Episode 252 for February 16, 2023

Sibonelo uses the panelbeater to launder more cash. Nka’s next initiative dazzles Gwala and Nosipho. When Colonel Mabaso consults her ancestors, the situation is not favourable.

Uzalo Episode 253 from Friday, February 17, 2023

Before things get out of hand, Hlelo makes the decision to leave the building. Pastor Gwala does not appreciate Mondli’s efforts, but Nosipho does. Finally leaving the Mhlongo House is Gabisile.

Episode 254 for February 20, 2023

Hlelo is force by Sibonelo to make a choice she doesn’t want to. A wife disobeys her husband, casting doubt on their union. When the person he harmed holds the key to his survival, a man’s life is on the line.

Episode 255 from February 21st, 2023

Nomaswazi and Sibonelo prepare a supper to declare their love. When Mondli tags along with them to Nosipho’s gynaecological visit, Pastor Gwala is not please.

Episode 256 for February 22, 2023

The Magwazas’ dinner goes wrong. Pastor Gwala is unhappy to learn that Nosipho and Mondli had chosen a significant course of action about Muzi, and he was the last to learn of it. Nyawo is instructe by Mpendulo to begin making funeral arrangements.

Episode 257 for Thursday, February 23, 2023

Colonel Mabaso is accuse of treachery by Mthambisi. Following the seeing of Mthambisi killing someone, Gabisile phones Nkunzi. In the bathroom, Gabisile pukes.

Uzalo Episode 258 for February 24, 2023

When Gabisile learns that she has been sleeping with Satan, she is completely shocke. The paternity of a child shatters a marriage’s sturdy base. Man accepts his fate and moves on.

Episode 259 for February 27, 2023

Nomaswazi demands money from Nkunzi. Gabisile bids Mthambisi farewell in a quiet manner.Njinji promises Bab’Nsimbi that she’ll kill Mthambisi.


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