Unbelievable! Get Married Like Royalty for Just R70 – You Won’t Believe How

Unlocking the Secret to Affordable Matrimony: Tying the Knot at Home Affairs for Just R70

Wedding bells are ringing in this beautiful wedding season, a stunning couple who recently made headlines on social media has revealed the surprising cost-effective wedding path. The heart-warming photos, brimming with pure happiness were a perfect reflection of their wedding day when they walked out of the local Home Affairs office, accompanied by an inscription that was a hit with a lot of people: “R70 at Home Affairs Spend your remaining funds.”

The internet community came up with their opinions on the choice of Home Affairs as the venue for marriage vows:

  • “I am standing by this. ” – Kea
  • “Imagine all the stress that you’d be through to be married in the South African Home Affairs, being sent home for having did not have the right documents. ” – Dorian
  • “Use the remainder to create an empire for yourself or your family. ” – Gift
  • “No critics, no haters, no fakers… simple. ” – Kgaugelo

For those who are contemplating the idea of tying the knot in Home Affairs, here are five steps that can help you turn your dream into reality:

Step 1: Making the Initial Appointment

Zanie and Jono the couple hailing from Cape Town, opted for the simple wedding of Home Affairs their wedding. They kindly shared their experience on the blog Pin-Book. To begin your journey, head to your nearest Home Affairs office and request an appointment. Bring your ID, the partner’s ID number and the date you’d like to marry. Once you’ve done this, you’ll get confirmation of your appointment on a slip.

Step 2: Arriving on Your Wedding Day

The day before your wedding, you must arrive at minimum 30 minutes before your scheduled time. The ceremony must be attended by a minimum of two witnesses. However, only six guests can be present. Ensure that both guests as well as the two witnesses have the proper ID documents in hand.

Step 3: The Matrimonial Ceremony


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It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for – the wedding ceremony! A licensed official will take your guests to a private ceremony area and explain the legal requirements. They will also collect your signatures as well as fingerprints. If you wish certain officiators will set aside time to exchange rings as well as vows.

Step 4: Obtaining Your Marriage Certificate

Following the ceremony, you’ll receive a marriage certificate in addition, the ceremony officiator is required to record your wedding in the National Registry. If you require an additional or abridged wedding certificate or abridged marriage certificate, you can ask for the certificate through Home Affairs by completing form BI-130. The first certificate abridged is offered for free and any additional copies costing R75.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Legal Union!

By following these easy steps, you’re married and can now be a part of the celebration with your family and friends.

Selecting the home of your choice for Affairs as the venue for your wedding is not just a cost-effective option, but also makes it easier to manage the procedure. The R70 investment you make in your wedding lets you allocate your funds to other areas, whether you’re building your ideal life with your partner or embarking on new adventures together as a married couple.

If you’ve been considering an affordable and easy way to say “I do,”” take a look at the route followed by this trendy couple and ensure your wedding day is unforgettable with Home Affairs for just R70.

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