Umkhokha’s Ndoda has reportedly died

Ndoda Gumede’s Departure from Umkhokha – A Deep Dive

In a surprising turn of events, Ndoda Gumede, a prominent character from Umkhokha: The Curse, has reportedly bid farewell to the Mzansi Magic telenovela. Speculations surrounding his exit hint at a dramatic end, possibly a profound departure, as suggested by the TVSA December teasers.

The Heart-Wrenching Revelation

As avid viewers anxiously awaited the unfolding of the plot, the teasers dropped subtle hints, leaving room for speculation. The December teasers unveiled that either Gabisile or Nobuntu might face a turning point on the upcoming Friday’s episode. However, a twist in the narrative surfaced in the Thursday, 28th December teaser, stating, “MaMzobe feels left out, Gabisile and Nobuntu leave for the pilgrimage without her.”

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This teaser not only confirmed the survival of the sisters but also raised questions about the fate of fan favorites Gabisile and Nobuntu, suggesting the possibility of a significant event in their storyline.

Fans’ Emotional Rollercoaster

The emotional rollercoaster intensified as fans grappled with the notion that Gabisile might have faced a personal crisis, driven by the struggle to cope with her mother’s undisclosed information. Adding to the intrigue, it was speculated that Nobuntu, portrayed by Kwezi Ndlovu, might have faced a critical moment on the Friday show. Fans fueled these speculations by pointing out Kwezi Ndlovu’s real-life pregnancy, indicating a potential storyline twist.

Unraveling the Teasers

The Umkhokha: The Curse teasers further unraveled the impending turn of events. Monday, 4th December, marked a pivotal moment as Difa faced the heartbreaking task of calming his family before undertaking what he deemed the worst – addressing his child’s lifeless situation. The teasers hinted at Mamzobe’s revelation that she never addressed Xolile’s situation, prompting Difa to consider exhuming her remains.

Mamzobe’s Guilt and Difa’s Dilemma

As the storyline progressed into Wednesday, 6th December, Mamzobe grappled with overwhelming guilt for neglecting to address Xolile’s situation. This revelation pushed Difa into contemplating the unthinkable – exhuming Xolile’s remains to carry out the overdue ritual.

In this emotionally charged narrative, the characters face the consequences of undisclosed information, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes of Umkhokha: The Curse.


The departure of Ndoda Gumede from Umkhokha has left a lasting impact on the storyline, captivating audiences with its unexpected twists and emotional depth. As the characters navigate the aftermath of undisclosed information and significant events, viewers are bound to be gripped by the unfolding drama in the episodes to come.

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