The Love Story of Zwide Olefe and Gabi Tshabalala

A Blossoming Celebrity Romance

Gabi Tshabalala and Motlasti Mafatshe, renowned actors and beloved personalities, have been captivating audiences with their endearing love story ever since they unveiled their relationship on their YouTube channel in February. Their love story is a continuous source of joy for their fans.

The Birth of Their YouTube Journey

The Love Story of Zwide Olefe and Gabi Tshabalala

These two new celebrities, who’ve set social media abuzz with heartwarming images of their quality time together, embarked on a captivating “tell-all” journey through a YouTube channel they launched in February. Through this channel, they generously offer their followers a glimpse into the beautiful life they share.

From Friends to Lovers

The Love Story of Zwide Olefe and Gabi Tshabalala

Reflecting on their incredible journey, Gabi shared, “Fifteen years ago, I met this guy on a TV set. I knew him from television, but never did I think that one day he would be my partner. We were good friends, never dated before, and fifteen years later, we’re still good friends and lovers. What an amazing human being God has allowed to be in my life. Thank you, Mr. Mafatshe (@tlatsi83).”

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A Year of Love

The Love Story of Zwide Olefe and Gabi Tshabalala

In a recent episode, these talented performers revealed that they have been dating for nearly a year. They strongly refuted any claims that they had started seeing each other while still married to their previous partners.

A Journey of Healing and Rediscovery


Both Gabi and Motlasti have experienced the bonds of matrimony before, but they took a deliberate pause after their respective divorces before venturing into new avenues of love.

Gabi expressed her sentiments, saying, “I did not leave my ex-husband for Motlasti; I felt it was necessary because the marriage wasn’t working.”

Their love story is a testament to the beauty of second chances and the enduring power of friendship that can blossom into something truly special.

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