The Estate 3 on S3 Teasers and Updates

The Estate 3 Episode 128 for February 1, 2023

Castro makes an effort to negotiate with Dumisani. Thobekile is questione by Lesiba on her friendship with Castro. Jo follows Nora’s lead.

Episode 129 for Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tsholo is unrelenting in her search for Muzi’s truth. While Castro makes preparations to usurp Sinama’s authority, Khulekani and Bhamuza seek to understand Nora.

Episode 130 for February 3, 2023 on Friday

Jo is put in a difficult predicament by Dumisani. When Lesiba learns what Phumi has been up to, she is appalle and Castro steps in to act as a mediator.

Episode 131 from February 6, 2023.

Phumi’s fate is seale, Vukani turns to Tsholo for help, and Jo sets her sights on Khulekani.

Episode 132 for February 7, 2023

Jo makes an arrest, Phumi struggles, and a villain puts Melisizwe’s life in peril.

Episode 133 for February 8th, 2023

Castro threatens to reveal Jo’s secret, Tsholofelo testifies against Castro in his trial, and Mohau worries about the future of Spic ‘N Span in Echelon.

Episode 134, which aired on February 9th, 2023

As Phumi is attacke, Lesiba snaps when he joins Tsholo on her most recent podcast, and Jo and Martin debate telling the truth about Carter’s murder.

Episode 135 for February 10, 2023

Lesiba receives life-altering news, Dumisani fights to save the case against Castro, and Vukani loses it.

Episode 136 for February 13th, 2023

Khulekani makes a fatal revelation, Thobekile puts Castro in his place, and Vukani alternates between rage and hopelessness.

Episode 137 for February 14, 2023

Karabelo is on a mission to find employment, Vukani’s deeds have unsettling repercussions, and Castro makes an unexpected choice.

Episode 138 for February 15, 2023, on Wednesday

Lesiba and Phumi have a fight that has serious repercussions, Castro responds to media claims, and Khulekani creates an unexpected partnership.

Episode 139 for February 16, 2023

Martin meddles with Jo’s situation. The allegations against Phumi upend the lives of those in Echelon. After another another accusation against him surfaces, Castro goes on the attack.

Episode 140 for February 17, 2023 on Friday

A suspect in Jo’s case vanishes, Lesiba’s reputation is placed in jeopardy, and Khulekani makes Gerrie an astonishing offer.

Episode 141 for February 20, 2023.

Dark times, according to Lesiba, produce few friends. Castro takes advantage of Phumi’s accusations, and Lwandle develops misgivings about Khulekani.

Episode 142 for February 21, 2023

Castro offers Lesiba a “present,” Gerrie and Tracey discuss Khulekani’s proposition, and Thobekile faces a difficult moral choice.

Episode 143 from February 22nd, 2023

The future of Lesiba at Sakhizwe is uncertain. Melisizwe learns heartbreaking news, while Dumisani shocks the public with a stunning revelation.

The Estate 3 Episode 144 for February 23, 2023, on Thursday

Dumisani becomes aware that his life is in jeopardy, Melisizwe redirects Jo’s inquiry, and Karabelo exposes all the beans on the Echelon .

Episode 145 for February 24, 2023.

Unbelievable news is reveale to Martin and Jo, Tracey’s job is place in jeopardy by Karabelo’s podcast revelations, and Melisizwe hands the reins over to a dumbfounded Khulekani.

Episode 146 for February 27, 2023, Monday

Gerrie and Tsholofelo are divided by the Echelon  scandal, and Castro is shocked when an ally betrays him and thwarts his objectives. Skhumbuzo advances.

The Estate 3 Episode 147 for February 28, 2023

Tsholofelo says something contentious that throws the TLA meeting into disarray. Lwandle exposes a significant secret while getting into serious difficulty.

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