Sophie Ndaba in huge debt

Former Generations actor and entrepreneur Sophie Ndaba is faced with a difficult scenario as her firm battles a hefty tax bill of more than R23 million. If the debt is not paid, the SA Revenue Service (Sars) has adopted a tough attitude and is requesting a writ of execution to perhaps sell the company’s assets at auction. The pressure is on Sophie Ndaba’s firm to swiftly pay the back taxes in order to prevent the possibility of losing its priceless assets .

Sophie Ndaba, a popular Generations actress who previously graced the big screen, now has the difficult challenge of fixing her company’s tax problems. The problem needs prompt response since there are enormous overdue tax obligations of R23 million. Sars has made moves toward the potential of auctioning off the company’s assets should the tax problems continue while remaining steadfast in its efforts to recover the debt.

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