Smoke and mirrors teasers and Updats

Smoke & Mirrors Teasers – January 2024

Smoke & Mirrors” in January 2024

Episode 186: Leroy and Mthetho’s Secret Dilemma

In the opening episode of the year, Leroy confronts Mthetho about their clandestine relationship. Simultaneously, Mandla resorts to drastic measures to cope with Pastor Joseph’s success, and Mamiki faces repercussions when the stokvel account is compromised.

Episode 187: Jaxon and Martha’s Exclusive Decision

Jaxon and Martha make a commitment to exclusivity, but challenges arise as Pastor Joseph’s church faces closure. Leroy regrets certain actions, and Mamiki finds herself in a financial bind with Tiny and Magolide refusing assistance.

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Episode 188: Mthetho’s Public Statement

Mthetho releases a statement addressing the scandal surrounding his sexuality. Leroy decides to end things with Mthetho, while Mamiki’s financial troubles escalate as the depot guys consider pressing charges.

Episode 189: Mthetho Seeks Redemption

Mthetho seeks help from Thandiswa and Martha to rectify the situation. Mandla, after Mamiki collapses during his service, realizes the need for a larger church space.

Episode 190: Church Relocation Drama

Mandla and Lulu feel the pressure to find a new church location, leading to unexpected complications. Thandiswa invites Leroy to a mysterious performance concert.

Episode 191: Mthetho’s Grand Proposal

Mthetho surprises Leroy with a public proposal, and Ngcuka’s return brings news of another blood sacrifice. Mandla desires Tiny to lead praise and worship.

Episode 192: Trio’s Plot Unravels

The trio plots their next move, unaware of a life-changing revelation from their sacrificial target. Tiny grapples with her brother’s rage.

Episode 193: Dark Triumvirate Plans

Nomeva senses danger for Sindi, and the Dark Triumvirate discusses plans. Thandiswa suspects Jaxon’s intentions, while Sakhile succumbs to a binge.

Episode 194: Abduction Frustrations

Jaxon, Caesar, and Mthetho face challenges in abducting Sindi due to Juba’s vigilant watch. Mandla’s conflicting emotions lead to a passionate kiss.

Episode 195: Plans Gone Awry

Caesar, Jaxon, and Mthetho finalize their plan, but Mandla grapples with guilt. Leroy’s equipment is returned.

Episode 196: Mamiki’s Redemption

Mamiki returns the depot men’s money, Leroy apologizes, and chaos ensues in the search for Sindi. Mandla engages in an affair with Tiny.

Episode 197: Sindi’s Captivity

Sindi’s escape attempt fails, and Thandiswa confronts Jaxon. Mamiki resigns as Stokvel treasurer.

Episode 198: Accusations and Confrontations

Thandiswa’s accusations shock the community, and Lulu discovers a condom in Mandla’s belongings.

Episode 199: Revelations and Bargains

Nomeva bargains for Sindi’s life with the ancestors, and revelations of affairs create turmoil. The trio prepares to kill Sindi, who drops a bombshell.

Episode 200: Unraveling Plans

The unholy trio’s plans go awry, and amidst Stokvel disillusionment, Vuka proposes a plan to turn the tide.

Episode 201-208: The Aftermath Unfolds

The remaining episodes delve into the aftermath of heinous acts, relationship conflicts, and personal struggles as the characters navigate a web of deception and emotional turmoil.

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