Kwaito and Lizzy’s Unforgettable Wedding in Skeem Saam

After enduring months of financial turmoil and familial strife, Kwaito and Lizzy are joyously embracing matrimony in the popular South African soap opera, Skeem Saam. The couple’s union has been a protracted voyage, marked by twists and turns, culminating in a wedding that promises to be unforgettable. Amanda Manku, the talented actress portraying Lizzy (Elizabeth Thobakgale), recently shared insights with Daily Sun, reflecting on the monumental event and her decade-long tenure in the Skeem Saam series.

Kwaito and Lizzy'

Kwaito and Lizzy'


Kwaito and Lizzy'

Kwaito and Lizzy'

Unexpected Unions: Lizzy’s Surprising Wedding Journey

Amanda Manku, at the age of 32, candidly expressed her initial disbelief in witnessing the union of the two characters, Zamokuhle and Elizabeth. The unpredictable nature of Zamokuhle, plagued by indecision and a tumultuous love triangle with Glenda, created doubts about the future of their relationship. Manku admitted, “I did not expect that Zamokuhle and Elizabeth’s journey would reach this point. I also don’t think the characters themselves knew that things would happen this way.”


A Decade of Evolution: Lizzy’s Growth in Skeem Saam

Reflecting on her decade-long association with Skeem Saam, Manku highlighted the transformative journey of her character. From the high school days to university, surviving a car accident, and grappling with life in a wheelchair, Lizzy’s evolution has been nothing short of phenomenal. The enduring impact of pivotal storylines, such as her past relationship with Mangaliso (portrayed by Bongani Madondo), continues to shape Lizzy’s narrative. Manku mused, “I’ve had to grow with her and adjust to where she is in her life.”

A First in Skeem Saam: The Allure of a Traditional Wedding

Amidst the celebratory wedding atmosphere, Manku expressed her excitement about the unique feature of a traditional wedding in Skeem Saam. This marks a departure from the series’ customary white weddings, offering viewers a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Limpopo. Manku shared, “My favorite part about the wedding celebration is that this is the first time on Skeem Saam that we have a solely traditional wedding.”

Limpopo’s Extravaganza: A Visual Feast for Viewers

Manku enthused about the vibrancy brought by Limpopo’s cultural elements to the wedding festivities. From the ornate decorations to the traditional attire and lively music, the celebration encapsulated the exuberance characteristic of Limpopo weddings. Manku remarked, “You know people from Limpopo go all out for their weddings from the decoration to the clothes and the music. That was exciting for me to witness.”

Personal Touch: Choreography and Memorable Moments

Adding a personal touch to the celebration, Manku highlighted her active involvement in choreographing a standout moment during the wedding. The coordinated dance, known as ‘the step,’ was a collaborative effort between herself and Clement, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the celebration. Manku shared, “I enjoyed two things the most – one of my outfits and ‘the step’ because it was choreographed by myself and Clement.”

In conclusion, the wedding of Kwaito and Lizzy in Skeem Saam stands as a testament to the show’s ability to weave compelling narratives and showcase the cultural diversity of South Africa. As viewers revel in the unique charm of a traditional wedding and the unfolding of character arcs, the legacy of Skeem Saam continues to captivate audiences with its rich storytelling and engaging performances.

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