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Skeem Saam’s tbose supports open marriage hungani ndlovu disagrees.

An actor was recast in this month’s memorable performance by cornet Mamabolo.

Hungani Ndlovu asserts that because “those mapulta adamantly opposed to open marriage” are a part of his skeem saam charter, he would never dare to ask his on-screen wife Stephanie for such a thing in reality.

Television viewers are rivet by the story in which Tbose asks his wife Mapisi (mogau motlhatswi) for permission to have an open marriage.

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However, when questioned about if the idea of a non-monogamyu union appealed to him in reality, Ndlovu replied, “Hell no… I don’t want to be married since it’s an idea that makes people nervous, he stated.

“I want to grow and create something with the person I call my life partner. We have a covenant, which I intend to uphold to the greatest extent feasible. adding ndlovu.

If I were to suggest an open marriage to Stephanie. Tell me when you’re done laughing, she’d undoubtedly say as she laugh in my face. We’ve talked in depth about the goals we have for our marriage.

This month, ndlovu was recast as the cornet mamabolo-famous poupler character, to the disapproval of the SABC1 daily drama.

Being cast as Tbose has been an exciting rollercoaster journey, I might add. The audition process and being on set were nerve-wracking enough, and dealing with the recast was considerably worse. However, as I overcame those feelings, my acting skills increased. I was competent to carry out the duties assigned to this position.

Concern over a Tsonga actor portraying a character who speaks pedi fluently has been expresse by viewers.


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