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The story follows the lives of those who reside in Turfloop as they constantly battle for success.
It first aired in January 201101. It has become into one of South Africa’s most beloved dramas. Teenagers being put in adult settings has made it popular with TV viewers of all ages. Its topic of coming of age sets it apart from rival soap operas as well.

Update & Teasers for Skeem Saam for January 2023

the 138th episode for January 11, 2023

When it comes to her guy, Pretty has had it and there is no turning back. To Ntswaki, Meikie makes a commitment regarding her future. Koloi’s life completely flips over in the City of Gold.

For January 12, 2023, watch episode 139.

Lehasa jumps from the frying pan into the flames because of unwelcome guests. Alfred again rejects Meikie. Shivambu snaps when he learns that his child has disappeared miles away.

from January 13, 2023, episode 140.

For Pretty, who is emotionally spent, Lehasa goes too far. Ramolao and Shivambu start the search for Koloi in Johannesburg. Meikie and Ntswaki are worn out from the rejections they received in high school.

From January 16, 2023, episode 141.

When an unexpected visitor knocks on their door, the Seakamelas are startle. Ntswaki chooses to take matters into her own hands, which causes the Maputlas to become anxious about her location. Koloi is a homeless person who lives in Johannesburg’s streets.

For January 17, 2023, watch episode 142.

Lehasa does something surprising. Koloi eludes the grip of a searching Sergeant. Meikie’s uncle arrives at the Maputlas prepared to take a disobedient teenager back home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023, episode 143

Lehasa’s disclosure startled Kgosi, who urges Khwezi to improve her performance. As he gets used to his new world, Letetswe is having his worst day ever. Ruth is disappointe to find that her boyfriend has move out.

Khwezikazi and Chef Kgosi deceive Lehasa in episode 144 dated January 19, 2023,

using their elaborate web of deceit. When the truth is reveal, Letetswe is compelle to face the Kunutu music. The homeless man Koloi has been sharing a shelter with is finally introduce to.

Episode 145, scheduled for broadcast on January 20, 2023

The news about Lehasa and Khwezikazi’s unborn kid is unfavourable. Koloi is shocke by what he learns when he finally contacts the company he was suppose to interview with. Letetswe approaches Alfred with a polite inquiry regarding his grade, but he refuses.

Episode 146 for January 23rd, 2023

Koloi finds a lovely serendipity as she arrives at Level Café. Letetswe defeats Pax in the fight for the “IT Girl” without making a move.

Episode 147 for January 24, 2023

Kgosi trembles as a result of Lehasa’s warning. In Petersen’s office, a new dishwasher appears. Letetswe is unpopular with Charles.

Episode 148 for January 25, 2023

When Chef Kgosi discovers some unsettling information about Lehasa, his mind flies into overdrive. Koloi is determined to start fresh in the City of Gold, but everything is not as it seems. Blood and water must be chosen by Mahlatse.

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