Skeem Saam: Maputlas Bid Farewell to Tbose Once Again

Devoted fans of Skeem Saam will experience a wave of emotions as the accomplished actor Hungani Ndlovu prepares to bid adieu to his iconic character, Tbose Maputla. In an upcoming episode, Tbose will astound his family with a significant decision he makes regarding his son, Pitsi, as hinted in TVSA’s Skeem Saam October teasers.

As indicated by the teasers for September, the former Scandal! actor Hungani Ndlovu, who stepped into the role of the second Tbose Maputla, may make a return on Thursday, September 28th. Ever since his departure from the series on July 28th, viewers have been eagerly anticipating Hungani Ndlovu’s comeback.

In July, after the SABC soap opera Skeem Saam garnered an impressive 5 million viewers, there were diverse opinions from the audience concerning Ndlovu’s performance. Skeem Saam, recognized for its educational content, clarified on their Twitter account in July that Hungani Ndlovu, who became a part of the cast in Season 12, has not permanently exited the show. Following Ndlovu’s character’s journey to Cape Town, his on-screen brother, Leeto Maputla, embarked on a trip to Johannesburg.

This storyline left viewers in a state of bewilderment, with some speculating whether the beloved character had returned to Singapore or had relocated to Cape Town for business purposes. At this juncture, it remains uncertain whether the actor is bidding farewell to the SABC soapie for good or simply taking a hiatus, reminiscent of Tbose’s initial departure from the show back in 2001.”

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