Skeem Saam loses over 1 million viewers

Skeem Saam Viewership Decline: Unraveling the Numbers

In a surprising turn of events, Skeem Saam, the popular educational soapie, has witnessed a substantial decline in its viewership, shedding more than 1 million loyal followers between July and November 2023, as reported by the Broadcasting Research Council of South Africa’s (BRCSA) Television Audience Measurement (TAM).

Understanding the Numbers

According to the latest statistics from BRCSA in November 2023, Skeem Saam, once boasting 5 million viewers in July, now finds itself with 3.7 million dedicated viewers. This decline has left both fans and industry insiders questioning the factors behind this unexpected downturn.

A Celebration Turned Concern

Just a few months ago, the Skeem Saam community was in jubilation as the soapie reached the milestone of 5 million viewers in July. Fans expressed their gratitude to actor Hungani, who joined the show to portray the character Tbose Maputla. However, this celebration has taken a turn, and the show is now facing challenges in retaining its audience.

Lagging Behind the Competition

Contrary to its earlier success, Skeem Saam now lags behind other popular soap operas. Uzalo, for instance, dominates the station with 5.3 million viewers, and Generations follows closely with 4.1 million viewers, as reported by TVSA.

Social Media Outcry

The decline in viewership has triggered a wave of dissatisfaction among South Africans, leading them to social media platforms to voice their concerns. Criticisms range from the soapie’s incomplete and repetitive plotlines to disapproval of certain performers and characters.

Amateur Authors and Predictions

Many soapie enthusiasts are labeling the show’s authors as amateurs, predicting further decline in 2024. The imminent shift in Skeem Saam’s time slot from 18:30 to 19:30, where it will compete with’s highly-watched soapie, Scandal!, has raised concerns about its ability to maintain its audience.

Social Media Voices

Social media is ablaze with expressions of discontent:

  • @sufficient_love: “Something is wrong in their writer’s room; either they are fighting, or they changed, or they hate higher ratings.”
  • @Maritza_Ritzie: “Can’t we all boycott #SkeemSaam after the wedding. These writers have no respect for their viewers.”
  • @Ondegabeats: “SABC content update… Who writes #SkeemSaam? The writing is just disrespectful to the viewers honestly… Ae Leeto killed and saved the community, but he could be arrested for it, Lizzy says her mom sabotaged her, but the story was explained, uncle sent to the wrong account.”

In conclusion, the decline in Skeem Saam’s viewership raises questions about the show’s future trajectory. Will the soapie adapt to the changing preferences of its audience, or will it face further challenges in the competitive world of television dramas? Only time will tell.

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