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Here’s what’s coming on Skeem Saam in August 2023

In August 2023, Lehasa will provide Khwezi a serious ultimatum over their marriage on Skeem Saam. Pax takes tremendous steps to keep his parents’ marriage together. A moment is shared by two ex-lovers.

August 1, Tuesday, 2023

22th episode

Lehasa intensifies his effort to win Khwezikazi’s companionship. Pax is formulating a scheme while adhering to his mother’s requests. Elizabeth is determined to make her meal a success.

Episode 23 for August 2, 2023When someone overlooks Lehasa’s birthday, it hurts. Pax makes a request that turns the tables on the counselor. Elizabeth and Kwaito had a touching exchange.

Week of August 3, 2023, Episode 24

Lehasa issues a severe ultimatum to Khwezi over their union. Pax takes tremendous steps to keep his parents’ marriage together. A moment is shared by two ex-lovers.

Episode 25 for August 4, 2023 on Friday

Fearful that everything may be ruined, Khwezikazi hosts her high tea on edge. The Kgomo family meets with a counselor, but Pax is traumatized by what happens. Two ex-lovers can’t help but think about one another.

Episode 26 for August 7, 2023

Khwezikazi is rising to fame without lagging behind. Mr. Kgomo is aware that he has just driven the last nail in the coffin of his marriage. When Kwaito realizes that someone might not be interested in him romantically, he modifies his approach.

Episode 27 on August 8, 2023, Tuesday

If Khwezikazi has feelings for another man, Lehasa is curious. Charles enjoys Mr. Kgomo’s suffering. Pax is planning something evil for his parents.

Episode 28 for August 9, 2023 on Wednesday

Khwezikazi, who has no other alternatives, takes a choice that enrages Lehasa. Pax isn’t going to quit up on bringing back a couple he thinks was meant to be together. With Elizabeth and Kwaito, Kat plays matchmaker.

Episode 29 for August 10, 2023

Khwezikazi is left stunned by Lehasa’s spectacular proposal when he makes it to her. Pax is devastated to learn that his hopes for a happy family will not come true. Jacobeth is not really pleased with her daughter’s recent lunch date.

Episode 30 of Friday, August 11, 2023

Lehasa receives a bomb from Khwezikazi. Jacobeth receives a nasty visit from Mr. Kgomo. Kwaito is told the unimaginable by Elizabeth.

Saam Skeem

Episode 31 for August 14, 2023 on Monday
Lehasa is forced to take a nasty pill by Khwezi. Mr. Kgomo makes another vain attempt to save his job. Kwaito shocks Lizzy by opening out to her about his feelings.

Episode 32 of August 15, 2023, Tuesday

Lehasa carries out a prank that can jeopardize Khwezi’s intentions. Finally, Mr. Kgomo gets some encouraging news. Lizzy responds to Kwaito’s question about their connection.

Episode 33 for August 16, 2023, Wednesday

The Gasela elders arrive to talk about the union of Lehasa and Khwezikazi. Mr. Kgomo has made it his mission to take charge of both his personal and professional lives. Family and friends react conflictingly to the revelation of Elizabeth and Kwaito’s connection.

Episode 34 for August 17, 2023 on Thursday

When Kwaito finds out about MaNtuli’s behavior, he is completely astonished. While Lehasa has everyone in the palm of his hand, Khwezikazi begs the elders to support her. Pax doesn’t want to become embroiled in his parents’ arguments.
Episode 35 for August 18, 2023 on Friday

Khwezikazi is being forewarned about Lehasa and Phomolo’s scheme by Kgosi. Mr. Kgomo is dissatisfied because his idea is not working. MaNtuli is put in her place by Kwaito.


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