Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont needs our prayers

Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont needs our prayers

Actress Amanda du-Pont from Skeem Saam needs our prayers.

It appears that Amanda du-Pont may have been temporarily assigned to Zimbabwe by her employer to carry out an unpublicized task.

While she was here, she became ill at work.

She shared a few images of herself on social media looking stunning as she sat by the car door.

Skeem Saam actress Amanda du-Pont needs our prayers

She also uploaded a video of herself with an IV in place.

She added the following caption to each picture:

“Unwell at work.”

Social media users expressed their wishes for her rapid recovery and inquired about her condition in the comments.

On the other side, the Skeem Saam actress remained silent. She remained silent on her activities in Zimbabwe or the causes of her illness.

Amanda Du Pont, who stared in the soapie Skeem Saam, shows off her expensive lifestyle while shopping in London with friends.

The recent sighting of Amanda Du Pont, who performs the role of Lelo on the television programme Skeem Saam, shopping with friends in London delighted her fans.

The actress has proven time and time again that she has what it takes, therefore she won’t ever give up living the good life.

The actress showed her admirers on Tik Tok that she exclusively associates with other wealthy individuals like herself and lives a luxurious lifestyle.

In London, England, she posted a video of herself and a few friends shopping at Burberry.

She didn’t appear in the video.

As an alternative, she demonstrated what her buddies were doing while toting large luggage. She flaunted her friend’s large Burberry purse, which is obviously expensive, especially if you go internationally. She appears to simply hang out with other wealthy women who share her love of luxury goods. She proudly displayed her friend’s black card in another video.

Mzansi recognised her friend’s bag as belonging to a different trip, this one to London, as soon as she saw it. But given that she enjoys travelling and has the resources to do so, this was not a surprise.

She now has access to anything she wants thanks to her work with the American company Fashion Nova.

Amanda recently acquired a three-story Sandton house. Due to her extensive and prosperous career, Amanda rose fast to fame as an actor in Mzansi. She rose to fame as a result of her roles as the star of plays like Skeem Saam.

She was undoubtedly given a life of luxury and glamour with a total net worth of R36 million.

When she became well-known, she started presenting and hosting. Later, she changed to TV in order to reach more people. She is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys applying makeup and caring for her skin. She is also the character that Mzansi enjoys seeing in love stories the most. She is a well-known brand ambassador with a large following.She is the CEO of Lelive Africa, a skin care company she started in 2020.

Because Amanda hasn’t appeared on any small screens, Mzansi has been wondering where she is. But even when no one is looking, she exudes confidence. A million-dollar mansion and exotic cars are just a few of the most priceless possessions Amanda has acquired thanks to her long and prosperous profession. One of the most well-known and adored individuals in South Africa is the actress. On Instagram, she has close to 5 million followers. There is no denying her power. Shauwn Rodriques, Amanda’s husband, and they reside on a R4 million estate in a leafy suburb of Johannesburg. They make an effort to blend in.

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