Shoki Mmola

Shoki Mmola switches Skeem Saam for Scandal!

Former Skeem Saam actor Shoki Mmola is back on the TV screen at primetime this evening (23 February) after leaving into the realm of Turfloop in July of last year.

She makes her debut on Scandal! as Prudence as she is mentione in the teasers for February below. She’s Vuvu’s most pious mother, and she’s determine to take the children of Vuvu from her.

Here’s a longer teaser of what’s to come:

The Reverend Prudence Molepo has a reputation as a person from the cloth who has dedicated her life to faith. Shoki Mmola regards herself with a high standard and hopes that others will be the same.

She is, however, on a moral high ledge to hide her flaws.

A Reverend can be a strict mom and is often too demanding of her children. She believes that they can’t  considere failures as they were conceive by a mother who was mold-like by God.

The Reverend serves as Vuvu’s mom, and she keeps Vuvu’s children and Nhlamulo with her whole heart. However, she is not happy with Vuvu’s  , and she writes her off completely.

She believes Vuvu and Nhlamulo are not suited to parent and she wants to take care of them her own sake.

The River 6 on 1Magic Teasers – March 2023

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