Shoki Mmola on life as a mom and being a sangoma

Life’s Harmony: Shoki Mmola’s Journey as a Mom and Sangoma

Renowned actress Shoki Mmola opens up about navigating the delicate balance between her acting career and spiritual calling. In this illuminating article, we delve into Shoki’s unique journey, exploring her recent qualification as a traditional healer and how she gracefully handles the challenges that come with her dual roles.

Embracing Dual Roles: Actress and Sangoma

In the bustling world of entertainment, Shoki Mmola stands out not just as a seasoned actress but also as a dedicated sangoma. Despite the apparent complexities, Shoki has seamlessly integrated these two facets of her life, a feat she acknowledges is not without its challenges.
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A Journey to Traditional Healing

Shoki proudly shares that she recently graduated as a qualified traditional healer, marking a significant milestone in her spiritual journey. This achievement allows her to issue illness notes, offering consultations to those seeking her guidance. Reflecting on this accomplishment, Shoki expresses her excitement, stating, “It was quite an achievement.”

The Demands of Being a Sangoma

One might assume that a career in acting and the responsibilities of a traditional healer would clash, but Shoki dispels this notion. She emphasizes that being a sangoma knows no working hours, requiring her to be on call whenever someone seeks her assistance. Despite the demanding nature of her calling, Shoki manages it adeptly, even if it means sacrificing sleep. “When someone calls and needs you, you have to work. Lack some sleep and take a lot of vitamins,” she explains.

Navigating Celebrity and Spirituality

Shoki addresses the concerns surrounding her celebrity status and its potential impact on her role as a sangoma. Despite worries that her spiritual practice might be perceived as a celebrity trend, Shoki emphasizes that her calling was not a choice influenced by fashion but a deep-rooted commitment born out of love. “I was born into this. It was given out of love, and I would do right by it,” she asserts.

Beyond Labels: Motherhood and Professionalism

Amidst her thriving acting career and spiritual commitments, Shoki emphasizes that she resists being labeled a single mother. “I’m not a single mom,” she firmly insists. “I want my lovely daughters to look at me and see a great mom,” she continues, highlighting her determination to provide a positive example despite the challenges.

Juggling Responsibilities

Shoki reveals that, despite the demands of her acting career, caring for her daughters, and being on call as a sangoma, she adeptly manages to fulfill all her responsibilities within the confines of the same 24 hours we all share.

In conclusion, Shoki Mmola’s journey unfolds as a testament to the seamless integration of diverse roles, demonstrating that with dedication and passion, one can successfully navigate the complexities of life, whether on the stage or in the spiritual realm.

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