Explosive Leaked Video: Scandal Rocks Former Muvhango Star Tebogo Thobejane! Unbelievable Allegations Exposed

Controversy arises as Inno Morolong releases an unedited video featuring Tebogo Thobejane – View the video

Scandal Rocks Former Muvhango

A dispute unfolds as Tebogo Thobejane, a former actress from Muvhango and a well-known media personality, deals with the consequences of a leaked video shared by Inno Morolong, someone who was once her close friend. The clash on social media between the two individuals has taken an unexpected twist, as Inno posted an unaltered clip of Tebogo on Instagram, though the post has already been removed.

Cyan Boujee

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Inno Morolong accuses Tebogo Thobejane of participating in fraudulent activities on the internet, particularly during the challenging period of lockdown. Further fanning the flames of the conflict, Inno asserts that Tebogo exchanged intimate favors for a mobile phone, a situation involving one of Inno’s acquaintances. These allegations escalate as Inno claims that Tebogo engaged in personal relationships with a group of Nigerian individuals to afford extravagant jewelry.”

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