“She Cheated Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices” says Musa Khawula

Musa Khawula claims, “She Cheated Her Way To The Top At The DSTV Offices.”
Controversial blogger and YouTuber Musa Khawula won’t stop calling Minnie Dlamini out for immoral behaviour and bringing up her name in the process.

The author has once again made alarming allegations regarding Minnie on his YouTube channel. According to Musa, Minnie was disloyal to her husband, which is why their marriage failed.

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Musa has previously accused Minnie of cheating; this is merely the most recent case. Musa said that Minnie had been disloyal to her husband by sleeping with Edwin Sodi during the month of May. Musa added fuel to the fire by asserting that Minnie’s divorce was brought on by her supposedly “f**king her way to the top at the DSTV headquarters,” as he put it. Musa had already made the accusation, but this one was add on top of it.

In a joint statement they issued in February 2022, Minnie and Quinton announced their decision to call it quits. The couple denied the fidelity claims made against them. and they hinted that they could file a lawsuit against the offender.

Several claims regarding our divorce have been making the rounds on social media since yesterday. These accusations, brought to our attention. All of these claims are unfound, nasty, and meant to unkind. Formerly married pair expressed their opinion, stating that “fabrications in such a harmful way are both useless and painful on a topic that is already sensitive to us.”

“We sincerely request that you spare us from involving ourselves, our families .

and our loved ones in unfounded rumours and social media sensationalism

. so that we can go through our private processes. I appreciate your thought in this issue. These false rumours have an impact on not only us but also our kids.

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