interesting facts about scandal!'s Matthews Rantsoma

interesting facts about scandal!’s Matthews Rantsoma

One of the most talked-about actors on television right now is Matthew Ransoma. This is all due to his presence on the scandalous program! Fans can’t wait to witness the emerging star in action as nhlamlo maskeo since he is excelling in the part.

Matthews Rantsoma, age 26, was born and reared in Tembisa.


Since she was a senior in high school, rantsoma has developed and performed in theatrical performances. He began performing on stage in grade 10, but he didn’t really break out until later in life.


He has invested in his schooling, just like the majority of performers do today. The market theater laboratory is a part of rantsoma education.

He has written plays for the stage, including ngale kwendu, mistakes SA, Ekasi lam, one man show, and center of the less good concept season 7.

In addition, rantsoma has performed a piece titled “Hanni the Legacy” for which he had to conduct a thorough investigation of Charles Hanni.
The rising star was also shown on Mzansi Magic’s Gomora.

Recently, the upcoming actor joined the scandal. where he portrays the role of youthful FX trader Nhlamulo Maskeo.

A wealthy young man who prefers the easy life is nhlamulo. The fascinating charter is also surrounded by baby mama turmoil and knows the township like the back of his hand.

Rantsoma needs to become quite familiar with township slang for this role. Fortunately for him, he had access to writers, directors, teachers, and theater professionals for assistance. Additionally, he mentioned actors Themba Mkhoma and Jefferson Tshbalala.

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