Scandal! Episode 219 for February 1, 2023

A happy moment encourages a disgruntled lady to join the evil side. The privileges of a newlywed are restricted. Nhlamulo makes a surprise announcement for his boys.

Episode 220 for February 2, 2023

When Mbali discovers how far she must travel to achieve her goals, she is concerned. What Dintle and Reggie find out astounds them. When a large gesture is made by the community, a guy is pleasantly delighted.

Episode 221 for February 3, 2023

A lady who has been rejected rejects a dreadful call to action, but later she learns fresh information that alters everything. A couple makes every effort to get out of the nightmare they are in.

Episode 222 from February 6 of 2023

A daughter uses her mother’s blood to forge her own destiny. A princess returns to her personal castle. When Dintle talks to Layla, she has trouble speaking.

Episode 223 for February 7, 2023

A potential reunion between a mother and a daughter fails. A happy home is one with a newcomer. Dintle is given an impossible request by Layla.

Episode 224 for February 8, 2023

It appears that things are finally changing after the appearance of new proof. Everyone is alarmed by Nhlamulo’s outburst. Unauthorized contact is made by a young guy after making a startling discovery.

Episode 225 for February 9, 2023

Petunia commits a serious error. Unexpected events forced a guy to confront a difficult reality. A lady turns off attempts to contact her estranged daughter.

Episode 226 from February 10, 2023

A guy is injure in a daring attempt to keep a lady from escaping punishment. Without even realising it, Vuvu has significantly aided Nhlamulo. Rumors of pregnancy make a lady uneasy.

Episode 227 for February 13, 2023

A family prepares for attack while a fugitive waits in the background. After a fight, Vuvu finds herself without a place to live. Uncertain of how to break bad news to her children, Dintle feels troubled.

Episode 228 for February 14, 2023

People are afraid of the crazed woman’s next move after her foreboding conduct. When a woman’s efforts are ignore, she feels marginalise. When Dintle falters, Layla steps in to tackle some challenging inquiries.

Scandal Episode 229 for February 15, 2023

One family member is slain in a gunfight between relatives. Taps arrives with a gift for Nhlamulo, but he doesn’t receive the reaction he was hoping for. Layla encourages Reggie to take on a very challenging task.

Episode 230 for February 16, 2023

Unexpectedly, someone stands up for Petunia. The news comforts a parent who is in a panic. Between mother and daughter, people are drawing knives, swords, firearms, and explosives.

Episode 231 from February 17, 2023.

To keep someone out of jail, a falsehood is concocted. Tlhogi presents a suggestion, but Vuvu is unable to even take it into account. In favour of her new life, a mother consciously decides to forsake her kid once more.

Episode 232 for February 20th, 2023

When a guy understands that an opponent knows too much, his blood instantly becomes icy. Nhlamulo took on more than he can handle. Layla and Kutlwano are attempting to douse the flames, but Hlengi fanning them.

Episode 233 from February 21st, 2023

Taps discovers that he is in possession of useful knowledge. Dintle and Reggie decide on a course of action that is unpopular with their families.

Episode 234 for February 22, 2023

A good guy thinks about turning to evil to get out of a tight spot. An unethical connection keeps a family apart. A cunning couple decides to act as matchmakers.

Episode 235 for February 23, 2023.

When Taps raises the stakes, Jojo finds himself back at the police station and is force to adopt a new strategy. A choice is compelled to be made by an unanticipated event.

Episode 236 for February 24, 2023

Jakes is awestruck by the recent events in Uthuli. A lady is more impacted by an ex-call lover’s than she wants to acknowledge. Prudence finds out of an intriguing change in her daughter’s life.

Episode 237 for February 27, 2023

When Jojo finally snaps, they are attack. Dintle returns to work, but she is unprepare for her coworkers’ treatment. When surprised, Vuvu turns to fabrications.

Scandal! Episode 238 for February 28, 2023

Jakes discovers something startling. Mo believes Karabo is once again pulling his old pranks. The antics of Vuvu draw Nhlamulo in.


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