The Shocking Truth About Linda’s Secret Identity On Scandal

“Scandal: ‘Watch out for Linda, he could be the serial rapist’

Scandal is presenting an educational storyline that reflects the reality of a serial rapist on the loose. The police are trying to find out who the real culprit is, but fans have different theories. Some suspect Taps, while others point to Linda. The truth will be revealed by the Scandal writers soon.

Linda is definitely the serial rapist. No one will suspect him because he seems too involved in the story. Taps is just a naive guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Linda is the one who r@pes women.

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Linda might be the serial rapist and he seems to strike when Taps is nearby. Is this his revenge for what Taps did to him at CJ’s gym? #etvscandal

Now fans are convinced that Taps is innocent because another ra@pe happened the night before when Taps was with Mdala’s wife. According to fans, Linda is now a prime suspect. But how can Linda be a rapist? We are not surprised that he hides his true identity. That’s how he got the name Linda.

Stay tuned. Scandal’s storyline is very captivating and fans are hooked to the screen. According to teasers, Taps will face trouble as Linda will also be in trouble later this week for something he did.”

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