Run , Kwaito ! Glendais Back in Town

Run , Kwaito ! Glendais Back in Town

People claim on social media that Sis has rejoined the popular SABC1 soap drama Skeem Saam . But the reality is that Glenda is back, things are about to get interesting, and more drama is about to hit our screens.

Kwaito must have believed he had moved on from his ex a few years earlier, but when Glenda came to visit the township in August 2023, the ghost of their old relationship returned to haunt him.

Remember when people wanted to call Uyajola’s Jub Jub to tell Kwaito to stop having extramarital affairs with Glenda?


Glenda promise the world and the stars by Kwaito, who later began cheating on her with his “friend” Lizzy.

Because of all the sacrifices Glenda had made for the sake of their love, he gradually started treating her like trash but lacked the courage to stop things.

Remember when Glenda gave up a sizable scholarship to study abroad in order to be with Kwaito, only to find out that he was also seeing his “friend” Lizzay?

Anyway, karma was staring him in the face.

Glenda was beaming extremely brightly at the meeting while Kwaito was perspiring, blinding everyone with her beauty.

On social media, people were expressing their intense emotions, with some calling for flames and others pleading for kwaito.

There are obviously many tweeps who are delighte to see her return to the screen, and there will undoubtedly more drama.

Additionally, there will undoubtedly be more drama and an army of tweeps who are ecstatic to see her return to the screen.

“Kwaito proudly caims Lizzay as his women in front of a bitter ex,” one of the August 24  teasers claims. Glenda is that ex, thus when Glenda learns that Kwaito is back with Lizzay, she would be indignant and prove how much she still cares for Kwaito. Lizzay will battle for her man this time, though?

Fans are eagerly await Glenda and Kat’s connection since they are meant to together.

Glenda has come back; perhaps they are preparing for their wedding; Glenda should speak with Kat.


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