Rest in peace: She tragically lost her life in a painful incident when her boyfriend stabbed her 26 times.

The alleged assailant, believed to be Shaunize’s boyfriend, was quickly apprehended by law enforcement authorities. This horrifying act has left the community in profound shock and sorrow, struggling to come to terms with the brutal loss of a young life.

Law enforcement promptly responded upon receiving information about the incident, ensuring the swift apprehension of the suspect. While this arrest brings some comfort to the grieving family and the community, the scars left by this tragic event will undoubtedly run deep.


Shaunize Maralize Phite, aged 18, was reportedly killed by her boyfriend in Gomora, Pretoria, on September 3, 2023. It is alleged that her boyfriend strangled Shaunize and then inflicted 26 stab wounds. The boyfriend has been taken into custody. Soar high, sister.

The motive behind this brutal act remains unclear at this time, as investigators continue to delve into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event. Friends, family, and the community are grappling with a myriad of emotions, from disbelief to grief, as they come together to support one another during this challenging period.

The tragic loss of Shaunize serves as a poignant reminder of the pressing need for initiatives and support systems to address domestic violence and raise awareness about its devastating consequences. The community stands united in grief and determination, rallying for a safer society where such heinous acts have no place.

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