Relationships Among “Generations” Actors

A former actor from the TV show “Generations” recently revealed a past relationship with Pamela Nomvete, known for her role as Ntsiki Lukhele in the series. This actor is Sello Make KaNcube, who played Archie Moroka.

Exploring “Generations” Stars’ Relationships

In 2014, TimeLIVE reported that Pamela Nomvete, famous for her portrayal of Ntsiki Lukhele on “Generations,” had a romantic involvement with Sello Make KaNcube, who portrayed Archie Moroko on the SABC1 soap opera.

Pamela Nomvete’s Relationships

Nomvete later met her future husband, Collin Marimba, from Zimbabwe, after her relationship with Make KaNcube ended. Unfortunately, her marriage in August 2002 was marred by allegations of verbal and emotional abuse and infidelity, as she revealed in her memoir titled “Dancing to the Beat of the Drum: In Search of My Spiritual Home.”

Divorce and Difficulties

She sought a divorce from her Zimbabwean spouse in 2007 due to alleged infidelity. Her ex-husband reportedly refused to sign the necessary paperwork and forced her to leave their marital home.

Sello Make KaNcube’s Recent Anniversary

In November 2022, it was report that Sello Make KaNcube celebrate his one-year wedding anniversary with Pearl Mbewe Make KaNcube in October 2022. Pamela Nomvete’s current relationship status remains undisclosed.

Connie Ferguson’s Love Story

Connie Ferguson, known for her role as Karabo Moroka on “Generations,” and her late husband Shona Ferguson, who play Ace, met on July 31, 2001, and got marry just four months later.

Celebrating Long-Lasting Love

In December 2022, the producer of “The Queen” shared on Instagram that she and Shona would have celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. She reflected on their enduring love, saying, “This day 21 years ago, tomorrow never came for my best friend, but I know how much he loved me. There’s great comfort in knowing how happy you made someone in this lifetime and how happy they made you.”

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