the Enigma: Mellontik Orasi’s Chilling Prophecies and the Ominous Warning to Babes Wodumo

Delving into the Foretelling of Celestial Whispers

In the realm of mysticism, Zimbabwean-born prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhairi, known by the enigmatic moniker Mellontik Orasi, has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world. Boasting an uncanny record of predicting the untimely demises of luminaries such as Zahara, AKA, and Costa Titch, Mellontik Orasi recently directed his prophetic gaze toward the acclaimed gqom singer, Babes Wodumo.

The Echoes of Prophecy: Zahara’s Premonition

Following the tragic news of Zahara’s unexpected demise, Mellontik Orasi swiftly stepped into the limelight, asserting that he had forewarned the songstress about the impending shadow of his prophecies. In a poignant video message, the self-proclaimed “prophet of doom” revealed that he had personally reached out to Zahara, imploring her to safeguard her own destiny.


He recounted, “The predicament lies in the skepticism that permeates people’s minds. I conversed with Zahara, urging her to protect her own life.” However, Mellontik Orasi lamented that the 36-year-old entertainer dismissed his ominous counsel with a plea to “leave me alone.”

The Tapestry of Fate: Costa Titch’s Tragic Encore

Earlier this year, Mellontik Orasi, at the helm of the Mellontik Orasi Ministries in Randburg, claimed to have anticipated the demise of Amapiano luminary Costa Titch merely a week before the artist’s sudden demise. The Amapiano maestro, whose real name was Costantinos Tsobanoglou, tragically collapsed on stage during the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, leaving a void at the age of 28.

Mellontik Orasi underscored that Costa’s fate mirrored that of AKA, alleging that the rapper consistently disregarded his forewarnings. AKA, a celebrated figure in the music industry, seemingly ignored Mellontik Orasi’s premonitions, paving the way for a tragic conclusion.

The Grim Tapestry Unfurls: A Glimpse into Prophetic Visions

Mellontik Orasi’s ominous visions extend beyond the realms of Zahara, AKA, and Costa Titch. The prophet claims to have predicted the fates of other luminaries, including Riky Rick, Shona Ferguson, Jamie Bartlett, and several others, drawing a chilling tapestry of foretold destinies.

In a world where the celestial and earthly converge, Mellontik Orasi’s prophecies transcend mere speculation, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of mysticism. As the ominous warning to Babes Wodumo lingers in the air, the entertainment world remains captivated by the enigma of Mellontik Orasi and the celestial revelations that shape the destinies of the stars.

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