Mind-Blowing Offer: DJ Prince Kaybee Teaches Prof Phakeng Simulator Driving – You Won’t Believe Her Reaction

Prince Kaybee Extends a Hand to Prof Phakeng After Video Game Simulator Mishap: “I Hold the Record”

DJ Prince Kaybee Steps in to Teach Prof Phakeng Simulator Driving

Following an accident in the video game simulator that attracted the attention of internet users far and far DJ Prince Kaybee has offered to offer assistance to professor Mamokgethi Phakeng. This incident was reported on Twitter and soon became viral, revealed Professor Phakeng’s struggles get her to be successful in the simulation game. Responding to the incident, Prince Kaybee, known for his gaming skills, said he would be willing to help Prof Phakeng in enhancing her driving skills in the simulator.

Prof Phakeng’s Viral Video Sparks Laughter

The video, posted on Twitter by @FabAcademic brought up questions about Prof. Phakeng’s driving abilities in real-life when she was battling the simulator. The caption that accompanied the video reads “Work hard and play harder! Happy Wednesday.” The tweet attracted attention and prompted an array of funny comments from users of social media.

Prince Kaybee’s Offer of Assistance

Prince Kaybee, a passionate player of the simulator, seized the chance to provide his knowledge to Prof. Phakeng. He was confident in his skills He even boasted about his record-setting performance, saying, “I hold the lap record on that simulator at YFM. I can show you how, Ma.” Prof Phakeng was gracious to accept the invitation, and it appears she’s in good company for her driving simulator classes.

Netizens Share a Laugh at Phakeng’s Expense

Professor Phakeng has a lot of popularity on social media sites, her simulacra driving abilities became the topic of humorous banter. Social media users did not hold from sharing their joy. Here are some amusing comments:

  • @PhumlaneMkhize1 “Prof, every time I see you, I get really jealous.”
  • @Mjerable “Ayi. We’re gonna die.”
  • @collen_sambo2 “Prof is living her life to the fullest.”
  • @Floyd_Daddy_D “That sitting posture, Prof, is not reassuring. You’re the driver, so take care of things.”
  • @MninikhayaDlam2 “My Deputy olady. It’s like you are a learner driver, and I can tell you don’t drive anymore.”
  • @andyle_gcwabe “Haybo, mama, so how did you obtain your driver’s license?”
  • @tsilingoana: “Yaaas! Ma’am!”
  • @mbali_x39 “Me, I love what I see. You’re just too close to the wheel.”


Prince Kaybee’s Controversy in the Past


It’s important to note it’s worth noting Prince Kaybee has had his number of controversy. he was implicate within the Cyan Boujee tape leak drama. The DJ claimed that it was him who appeared in the tape and made allegations regarding the circumstances that led to the creation of the tape. 

In the end DJ Prince Kaybee’s generous offer to aid Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng to improve her driving simulator abilities has not only gotten attention.

but also brought an injection of fun via social networks. When they begin this new project, it is yet to seen if Professor Phakeng’s driving abilities in the simulator will improved under the direction of gaming master, Prince Kaybee.

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