Foreboding Twist: Pick n Pay Store Hit by Robbery a Day Before Founder Raymond Ackerman’s Passing

In a surprising turn of events, a Pick n Pay store located in Kensington, Johannesburg, fell victim to a violent robbery merely a day before the unfortunate demise of its founder, Raymond Ackerman.

Unforeseen Incident at Pick n Pay

Foreboding Twist: Pick n Pay Store Hit by Robbery a Day Before Founder Raymond Ackerman's Passing

A group of heavily armed assailants brazenly stormed into the Darras Centre store in Kensington, Johannesburg, under the cover of darkness on the night of September 6th.

The Start of Chaos

A shocking video that has since circulated online captured the terrifying moment when an unsuspecting shopper walked into the store, completely unaware of the unfolding robbery. The armed criminals resorted to firing gunshots, creating a chilling atmosphere of fear and chaos as they proceeded to loot both cash and electronic devices.

Foreboding Twist: Pick n Pay Store Hit by Robbery a Day Before Founder Raymond Ackerman's Passing

One individual who was present during the incident narrated the ordeal, recounting how he had entered the store casually, only to find himself amidst the turmoil. He recalled the robbers instructing him to lie down, compelling him to discreetly place his phone inside a nearby shopping cart.

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Capturing the Aftermath

After the harrowing robbery had concluded, the same individual retrieved his phone and recorded the aftermath. His video documented the scene within the store, with terrified shoppers and staff members huddled on the floor in Pick n Pay’s aisles, fearing for their lives in the face of this violent crime.

It was only when he moved around the store that those present realized the robbery had ended. Some individuals cautiously rose to their feet and hurriedly left, leaving behind scattered groceries strewn across the floor.

Eyewitness Account of the Terrifying Experience

The individual providing the account in the video stated, “As you can see here, Pick n Pay just got robbed. I just walked into a robbery. They took all the cash. Everyone here is hiding. They shot five times. All the money, everything is gone. They took everybody’s money. South Africa is no longer safe.”

During the robbery, the armed criminals also targeted the security guard, disarming him and stealing his gun and cell phone.

Robbery Occurred Shortly Before Raymond Ackerman’s Passing

In an astonishing twist, this daring heist unfolded mere hours before the passing of Raymond Ackerman, the esteemed founder of Pick n Pay. Raymond Ackerman, a billionaire entrepreneur, breathed his last on September 7th, 2023, at the age of 92. This unfortunate event has left many questioning the timing and potential connections between these two significant occurrences.

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