From Soap Star to Spirituality: The Astonishing Transformation of Pearl Novic Will Leave You Speechless

From Small Screen Stardom to Pastor: The Inspiring Journey of Former Skeem Saam Actress Pearl Sonti Novic

In the world of God-given transformations, Pearl Novic’s story is a shining example of the effectiveness of faith and dedication. She was once a beloved character on a small screen in the soapy show of the same name “Skeem Saam,” she is now fulfilling her destiny as a preacher of the gospel who is dedicated to preaching God’s Word from God. Let’s explore her amazing story of transformation as well as her passion and determination.

Embracing the Divine Plan

Pearl Novic’s shift from the glitter and glam that is the industry of entertainment into the realm of spirituality wasn’t an accident. She is convinced that each step of her life is determined by God’s plan. It’s this belief that has brought her to discover her true calling.

A Pause to Reflect and Follow God’s Path


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Pearl’s exile from the world of entertainment may have caused a stir, however, there’s no disagreement with the entertainment industry. Instead, she decided to begin a path of change, leaving behind the wild lifestyles of her youth in search of the way God intended for her.

Pearl recalls an important moment, when following an evening of partying and smooching, she received a resounding message from God. The spiritual awakening brought her to a hotel during the wee hours of morning, when she realised that she needed to make a shift in her. Since that day, Pearl has dedicated herself to preaching the Word of God to a multitude of people.

The Ever-Present Acting Bug


While Pearl remains steadfast in her commitment to her new profession however, she recognizes that acting isn’t going away. As the mother of two children and a grandmother who raised her in Pretoria she is convinced that the doorway to the world of entertainment remains open. She is waiting patiently to return if the right opportunities be found in God’s will.

Blossoming in Business: Flowers and Passion


Alongside her calling to spirituality, Pearl Novic has bloomed in the business world, as she was a finalist for the 2023 Mrs. South Africa competition. Her journey into floristry has been an inspiration.

Pearl’s journey through floral design started with a simple wish to design a bouquet for her own. Her natural talent in flower arrangements earned her the respect of other people, inspiring her to pursue her passion to the next level. With perseverance, she embarked on a journey of learning the intricacies of the floral business.

She spent hours in floral shops and absorbing information about the field. Pearl’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led her to locate the ideal location to store and display her stunning flowers.

Pearl recalls her experiences with great satisfaction, saying, “I designed my marketing strategies and took to the streets myself until an opportunity for a store came–never looking back, ever.”

A Testament to Faith, Passion, and Determination

When Pearl Novic navigates her dual role as a pastor as well as a successful businesswoman her story is a testament to the transformational power of faith, determination, and passion. Her story serves as an example for all of us and a reminder that if you pursue your passion and vision everything is possible.

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