Embracing the Spiritual Path: Oratile Maitisa’s Journey to Becoming a Sangoma


Oratile Maitisa, best known for her role as Eunice in the popular series “Skeem Saam,” has embarked on a profound spiritual journey, embracing the calling to become a sangoma. In this article, we delve into Oratile’s inspiring journey and her determination to use her newfound spiritual gifts to help others.

Embracing the Sangoma Path

Oratile Maitisa’s transformation into a sangoma became public knowledge when she shared the news on her Instagram account in 2021. Speaking to TshisaLIVE about her spiritual awakening, Oratile revealed that her journey had roots in her childhood, making it a deeply personal and significant experience.

 A Challenging Yet Fruitful Path

Oratile acknowledges that her path to becoming a sangoma was far from easy. She described it as a challenging but ultimately fruitful journey. It taught her valuable lessons in patience and the art of prayer. She expressed her belief in her ability to help people extend beyond her on-screen talents.

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Overcoming Spiritual Challenges

During her spiritual journey, Oratile faced numerous challenges. However, her unwavering determination stemmed from her dream of finding inner peace. She reflected on moments when success seemed impossible but underscored the importance of resilience in achieving her goals.

Finding Inner Peace

Oratile’s journey towards becoming a sangoma was motivated by her desire for inner peace. She described the feeling as overwhelming yet gratifying. It was a transformation she had longed for, and she finally found it on her spiritual path.

The Blessing of Spiritual Healing

Oratile recognized that being a gifted child brought both blessings and challenges, particularly in the realm of spiritual healing. She explained that it helped her distinguish between good and evil, a skill she had struggled with in the past.

Subheading: Self-Respect and Personal Growth

One of the key lessons Oratile learned on her journey was the importance of self-respect. She emphasized that in order to be respected by others, she first had to respect herself. Additionally, she highlighted the significance of intellectual and emotional self-sustainment, emphasizing the need to “have her own back.”

 Cultivating Joy and Patience

Oratile’s transformation also led her to cultivate a sense of joy for others. Most importantly, she discovered patience, a virtue she admitted to lacking in her earlier years. Her newfound patience became a cornerstone of her spiritual growth.

Balancing Acting and Spirituality

When questioned about balancing her acting career with her role as a sangoma, Oratile expressed her belief that her ancestors would understand and support her decisions. She emphasized the connection between her work as an actress and her spiritual journey, as both were essential aspects of her life.

Honoring Ancestral Connections

Oratile reiterated the importance of honoring one’s ancestors, viewing them as a source of guidance and understanding. She believes that her ancestors, as her forefathers, will appreciate her commitment to both her career and her spiritual path.

In conclusion, Oratile Maitisa’s journey from actress to sangoma is a testament to her resilience, determination, and profound personal growth. Her story serves as an inspiration to all, showcasing the transformative power of embracing one’s true calling and finding inner peace. Oratile’s ability to balance her acting career with her spiritual endeavors reflects her deep-rooted connection with her ancestors, making her a unique and remarkable individual in the entertainment industry.

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