November 2023 ‘Smoke & Mirrors Teasers


November 2023 promises to be an exciting month for fans of the popular soap opera, ‘Smoke & Mirrors.’ The intriguing twists and turns continue to captivate viewers as we delve into the highlights of the upcoming episodes. Join us as we explore the key storylines and dramatic moments that are set to unfold in this month’s episodes.

Episode 143 – “Nthabiseng’s Jealousy Unleashed”

In the opening episode of November, Nthabiseng’s jealousy takes center stage as she confronts Sakhile for being in close quarters with another woman. Meanwhile, Magolide is determined to win back his ex’s heart.

Episode 144 – “The Fallout of Nthabiseng’s Actions”

Mandla confronts Sakhile and warns him about the challenges they face due to Nthabiseng’s actions. Fanyana grapples with guilt over Martha’s unconscious confessions to Nomeva, leading to embarrassment.

Episode 145 – “Nthabiseng’s Descent into Depression”

Mandla, unforgiving, further exacerbates Nthabiseng’s despair. She finds herself in a difficult situation when unwelcome visitors come to fetch her. Meanwhile, Martha’s scheme to acquire “Samson’s all” finally succeeds.

Episode 146 – “Sakhile’s Plea for Nthabiseng”

Sakhile demands Nthabiseng’s release, but Mthetho cannot comply. He advises Sakhile to resolve the matter with Mandla, while Nomeva encourages Sakhile to seek help from his uncles.

Episode 147 – “Nthabiseng’s Temper Flares”

Nthabiseng loses her temper, resulting in her arrest. Virginia confronts Thandiswa, believing her to be the cause of Nthabiseng’s troubles. Sakhile’s request for a pardon from Mandla is met with rejection.

Episode 148 – “Thandiswa Seeks Support”

Thandiswa, feeling sad, reaches out to Caesar. Juba is concerned about Nomeva, while Leroy anticipates a looming confrontation. Lulu discovers that Nthabiseng might be released from jail and informs Mandla.

Episode 149 – “Nthabiseng’s Psychiatric Evaluation”

Nthabiseng is taken to a psychiatric facility. Leroy persuades Nomeva to step back from the situation. Magolide’s suggestion to pursue legitimate actions sets Martha thinking.

Episode 150 – “The Search for Nthabiseng”

The police’s search for Nthabiseng proves futile. Mthetho cautions Sakhile not to assist her and warns Thandiswa that Nthabiseng may come after her.

Episode 151 – “Caesar’s Secret Arrangement”

Caesar expresses his gratitude to Martha for keeping their arrangement private. Nomeva’s unexpected arrival at the hotel raises eyebrows.

Episode 152 – “Sakhile’s Desperation”

Sakhile attempts to reason with Nthabiseng but wakes up to find her missing. He seeks Nomeva’s help, but she delivers distressing news.

Episode 153 – “The Pursuit of Evidence”

Mthetho refrains from charging Martha without substantial evidence of foul play. He assures Caesar that Nomeva will be dealt with if she finds incriminating evidence, which she eventually does.

Episode 154 – “Thandiswa’s Disappearance”

Mpendulo’s search for Thandiswa at the salon turns up empty. Leroy panics, fearing the worst, and pleads with Mthetho to initiate a search party.

Episode 155 – “Nthabiseng’s Deadly Intentions”

Nthabiseng’s plan to kill Thandiswa and herself is thwarted by a malfunctioning gun. Nomeva is placed in a holding cell, followed closely by Juba.

Episode 156 – “Unveiling the Truth”

Thandiswa, facing a life-threatening situation, reveals the truth about her presence in Emnyameni. Samson reaches out to his desperate wife, and Petunia receives troubling news from her sister.

Episode 157 – “Revelations and Confrontations”

Thandiswa pleads with Nthabiseng to spare her life, but Nthabiseng discovers Caesar and Thandiswa’s affair.

Episode 158 – “Seeking Unlikely Allies”

Realizing the gravity of her situation, Thandiswa seeks help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Martha finds herself in a vulnerable position at the mercy of her arch-rival.

Episode 159 – “Caesar’s Disappearance”

Mthetho and Virginia are perplexed by Caesar’s sudden disappearance. Virginia’s suspicions lead her to search for him, while Caesar convinces Thandiswa that they must bury Nthabiseng’s body.

Episode 160 – “The Search for Caesar”

Virginia desperately searches for her husband and enlists Mthetho’s assistance. Meanwhile, Mthetho wonders how Caesar managed to go off the radar, in a no-man’s land, as reported by the tracker.

Episode 161 – “A Prodigal Daughter’s Return”

Emnyameni welcomes back its prodigal daughter, returning with an intriguing story. Mandla grapples with financial troubles, and Sakhile finds an unexpected visitor at his home.

Episode 162 – “Gifts and Suspicions”

Caesar’s return with gifts for Virginia only deepens her anger and suspicions. Nomeva questions Thandiswa about her involvement in Nthabiseng’s death, leading to a moral dilemma.

Episode 163 – “Mandla’s Devastation”

Thandiswa admits her mistake regarding Nthabiseng’s death to Nomeva, creating a moral dilemma when Nomeva keeps the truth from Sakhile. Mandla is devastated by a significant loss of money.


November 2023 in ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ promises a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. With jealousy, intrigue, and unexpected alliances, viewers are in for a captivating month of drama. Don’t miss out on these exciting episodes that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

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