Nonhle Thema has seemingly turned to God following her 2011 ‘fall from grace’.

South African media figure One of the most prominent media figures in the nation at one point was Nonhle Thema. She had rich and well-known parents, as well as everything else a girl might need to succeed in the entertainment business. A few years after she first became successful on television, though, her burgeoning career fell apart, and she withdrew from the limelight.

The former V-Entertainment anchor spoke candidly about her “downfall” and how fame and wealth transformed her into a monster this week.The daughter of renowned journalist Derrick and beauty queen Cynthia Shange, Nonhle Thema, was once South Africa’s favorite TV host and actress.

Many people enjoyed seeing her on Channel O’s O-access and Vuzu’s V-entertainment.

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She was really so well-liked as an entertainment host that she soon began to feature in her reality TV program Nonhle Goes to Hollywood.

Nonhle’s life began to go poorly as her career seemed to be on the upward since she seemed to be having trouble adjusting to life in the spotlight.

She had a total breakdown and began raving about all of her wealth on Twitter.


This week, she went online and talked about how her failure was a result of having too much money.

“Having too much money when I was young made me a monster in my 20s. If you’re not ready, money might not be good. Ask God to help you understand money so that it will benefit you.

“My father had a large fortune. I was raised in wealth. Although it was nothing new to me, I changed when I started making my own money. I believe I always tried to convince my father that I was deserving, but never let money rule your life. Now that I am wiser. Money is not there to serve me; rather, it is there to serve me.

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