Celebrity Insider: Nolwazi Shange’s Shocking Transformation in ‘Outlaws’ – You Won’t Believe What She Did

Unlocking Nolwazi Shange’s Remarkable Journey as the Outlaws’ Matriarch

Nolwazi Shange, an accomplished and award-winning actress, steps into the captivating role of the matriarch in the Showmax original series, “Outlaws.”

Embracing the Challenge

In “Outlaws,” Shange portrays Nandi, the fierce and determined matriarch of the Zulu cattle-farming Biyela clan. This clan finds itself entangled in a gripping feud with the Basotho cattle-raiding Ts’eoles. As Shange delves into this role, she candidly shares her exhilarating journey.



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Shange’s initial reaction to the series was pure excitement. She was drawn to the prospect of engaging in action sequences that pushed her physical limits, something entirely new for her despite years of experience in the industry. She enthusiastically remarked, “I’m not a small girl, and I found it quite empowering to express and utilize my body in this manner.”


Meeting the Demands

The role turned out to be more demanding than Shange had anticipated. There were times when her body was pushed to its limits. However, she tackled these challenges head-on, much like her on-screen character, Nandi. She revealed that she identified with and empathized deeply with certain aspects of Nandi’s persona.

“Nandi is tenacious and unwavering,” Shange explained. “She never shies away from a challenge; instead, she charges ahead with a meticulously planned strategy. She is also nurturing and ever-present. Perhaps I’m stretching it, but I’d like to believe I possess these qualities too.”

Mental Preparation

Shange’s preparation for the role primarily revolved around mental readiness. She considered herself fortunate to have had prior experience handling firearms and receiving training. This familiarity with the physical aspects of the role left her more excited than apprehensive.

“We meticulously rehearsed the action sequences, which greatly aided us on set,” Shange revealed. “It didn’t feel unfamiliar; instead, it was an opportunity for me to immerse myself in the script. I engaged in discussions with fellow actors to grasp their interpretations of the story arc. This provided me with valuable insights to trust my instincts during shooting. I firmly believe that one’s initial reactions and feelings are often the most authentic, and I aimed to build upon that.”

In conclusion, Nolwazi Shange’s portrayal of Nandi in “Outlaws” not only showcases her exceptional talent but also her unwavering dedication to her craft. Her journey in this challenging role serves as a testament to her prowess as an actress who fearlessly embraces new horizons.

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