Connie Ferguson’s Ex-Husband Neo Matsunyane Joins Kings of Joburg Season 2

In the spotlight of recent events, the inclusion of Neo Matsunyane, Connie Ferguson’s former spouse, in the cast of the second season of the highly acclaimed Netflix series, Kings of Joburg, has stirred discussions and captured widespread attention. This move, especially given the connection to the late Shona Ferguson, the series’ founder, has become a subject of controversy.

Connie Ferguson’s Clarification

Responding to the swirling criticism, seasoned actress Connie Ferguson took a firm stand, asserting that she is not the casting director. She ardently defended the decision to cast Neo, emphasizing his undeniable talent as an actor. This revelation came in response to questions about whether Connie would have chosen her ex-husband if Shona were still alive.

Neo Matsunyane’s Debut

Neo Matsunyane is slate to make his debut in the first episode of the upcoming season. His presence was notable at the star-studd premiere held in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The initial controversy erupted on Twitter, with a user questioning Connie’s hypothetical decision if Shona were alive. In response, Connie revealed that her daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, serves as the show’s casting director, and it was her decision to include Neo in the cast.

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Debunking Romantic Rumors

Addressing the speculations surrounding a possible romantic rekindling between Connie and Neo, a credible source clarified that the former couple parted ways over two decades ago. There is no current romantic involvement between them. Lesedi’s role as the casting director added an intriguing dynamic to the show, sparking interest in the storyline involving Neo’s character and the family relationships portrayed on screen.

Kings of Joburg Season 2 Overview

Netflix describes the second season as an eight-part action-drama series, continuing the exploration of themes such as broken family units, shady brotherhoods, and deals with the devil. The late Shona Ferguson, a pivotal figure in the first season, is remembere for his roles as an actor, filmmaker, and executive producer of the series.

Collaborative Tribute

Samad Davis, the executive producer and showrunner, along with Connie Ferguson, also an executive producer, are set to collaborate once more on the sequel. The aim is to make it a fitting tribute to the late Shona Ferguson. The show intends to seamlessly pick up where the first season left off, captivating audiences with its gripping narrative and engaging storytelling.

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