Natasha Thahane and Bongani are dating?

the Relationship Status: Natasha Thahane and Bongani

Amid the recent buzz surrounding the alleged romance between Natasha Thahane and Bongani, triggered by a TikTok challenge video circulating online, fans initially speculated about a potential love connection between the two personalities.

Dispelling Romantic Notions: A Closer Look

The initial speculation led to concerns about Thembinkose Lorche’s possible reaction to this apparent development. However, upon careful examination, it becomes clear that Natasha Thahane and Bongani are likely collaborating on a television project, dispelling any romantic notions.

Natasha Thahane and Bongani


Natasha Thahane and Bongani

Thulani Mtsweni: Beyond the Gomora Character

Shifting our focus to another prominent figure, Thulani Mtsweni, the brilliant actor portraying Bongani ‘wama grocery’ on Gomora, has been providing glimpses into his life and career. Thulani’s portrayal of the character has garnered immense love from viewers, depicting a man who loves deeply and provides tirelessly, even in the face of heartbreak.

Thulani’s Journey in the Arts

Known for his breakout role as Shadrack Bhekiziswe Sibiya on Isidingo, Thulani Mtsweni has consistently captivated audiences. While his characters may pursue different life goals, they all share a common thread of exploring relationships and culture. Currently entangled in a complex love story with Zodwa, played by Sannah Mchunu, on Gomora, Thulani reflects on the joy of playing Bongani and showcasing a softer side through the character.

Behind the Scenes: Thulani’s Artistic Roots

In an interview, Thulani reveals how working with Sannah has made portraying Bongani’s role more enjoyable. He praises her free-spirited nature and describes Bongani as an exemplary character, embodying the goodness in the world. Thulani attributes his ability to bring characters to life to his experiences growing up in Tsakane and participating in workshops, despite lacking formal acting education.

The Transformative Impact of Art: Thulani’s Personal Journey

Thulani’s journey in the arts began at a young age, fueled by a passion for storytelling and acting. Raised by his siblings after losing both parents at a young age, Thulani’s commitment to the arts has been a driving force throughout his life. He shares memories of creating his own drama group in high school and joining an art group called Tsakane Kids, founded by Refiloe Ledwaba.

Reflecting on his success, Thulani acknowledges the transformative impact of landing the role on Isidingo, which changed his quality of life and that of his family. From growing up in a shack to navigating hardships, Thulani’s journey is a testament to his resilience and hard work.

Thulani’s Life Beyond the Spotlight

Beyond his acting career, Thulani is also a father to a nine-year-old boy, co-parenting with the child’s mother. Grateful for the positive changes in his life, Thulani shares motivational quotes on his Instagram, promoting positivity and resilience in the face of challenges. His “Mondays are for thugs” corner aims to redefine perceptions and inspire others to approach life with optimism.

In summary, amidst the swirling rumors in the entertainment world, Thulani Mtsweni stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, hard work, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.


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