King Bhaka

Shocking Revelations Unveiled: The Bitter Feud Between a Late Lounge Tycoon and a Mystic Inyanga!

Controversial Statements by Inyanga “King Bhaka” Stir Strong Reactions from Late Eyadini Lounge Owner’s Family

The demise of Jabulani “Mjay” Zama, the respected proprietor of Eyadini Lounge, has taken an unsettling twist as the family reacts strongly to the sensational claims made by the controversial inyanga, Zamokwakhe “King Bhaka” Nzama.

Tragedy struck on August 12th with the untimely passing of Mjay, just before Bhaka’s astonishing declarations concerning his mystical powers, referred to as muthi.

On August 16th, Bhaka, sharing the same surname as the Zama family but previously known as Nzama, sent shockwaves across a broad audience by making startling allegations through his Facebook platform.

Bhaka asserts that Mjay employed an Isigubhu, a small container holding muthi powers, to amplify the success of his business. Regrettably, the Isigubhu purportedly turned against Mjay, leading to his downfall.

Addressing the delicate matter concerning Mjay, Bhaka states, “I shall address it, regardless of those who challenge me and fall short. Primarily, Mjay did not fully harness the potential of the Muthi powers known as Ukuthwala.”

“Mjay drew upon the energies of his late father, regularly visiting his grave to honor his memory,” Bhaka adds, highlighting Mjay’s father’s influential role.

Additionally, Bhaka alleges that when Mjay’s business encountered difficulties, he consulted a sangoma (traditional healer) in Inanda who provided him with an ill-suited Isigubhu to salvage his enterprise.

“The problem arose when the inyanga bestowed upon Mjay an Isigubhu, despite its unsuitability for him due to his ancestor’s connection with these powers.”

“Instead of aiding him, the Isigubhu became an obstacle. Despite objections from his wife, Mjay persisted in its utilization. Bhaka suggests that the Sangoma incorporated malevolent spirits, soil from graves, and the spirits of the deceased within the Isigubhu.”

Bhaka underscores Mjay’s profound ties to his forefathers, stating, “His path was set for significant success in his business, but the malevolent spirit within the Isigubhu thwarted his endeavors.”

According to Mbali Zama-Madikana, Mjay’s sister, the family is deeply troubled by Bhaka’s actions. She conveyed this sentiment to Daily Sun.

“We’ve been closely monitoring his claims on Facebook. It’s disheartening that our brother hasn’t been laid to rest, yet this individual is spreading baseless ideas to amass Facebook followers.”

“What took us aback was his shared last name. As a traditional healer, he should be well-versed in the appropriate customs to honor the deceased. She expressed, “We are unfamiliar with him, but his actions have caused offense and disrespect. We feel deeply disrespected.”

Once the funeral rites are concluded, the family intends to initiate legal proceedings against Bhaka.

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