My Desire Teasers and Updates February 2023 – Latest Episode

My Desire Wednesday 1 February 2023

Episode 473

In vain, Rudraksh and Gopal Krishnan attempt to intimidate Ahuja into divulging Armaan’s scheme. Preesha is subsequently given a life sentence.


Episode 474

Evidence that a third person was there in the room when Sanya died is discovered by Rudraksh and Gopal. Rudraksh later celebrates Karwa Chauth with Preesha when she is imprisoned.

Thursday 2 February  2023

Episode 475

The news that Preesha was killed in an accident shocks the family. Preesha is awakened by Armaan, who also informs her of her pregnancy.

Season 476

Preesha accuses Armaan of fabricating her demise and makes the decision to see Rudraksh. Rudraksh is grieved by Preesha’s loss somewhere.

Friday 3 February 2023

Episode 477

Preesha discovers the truth about Armaan as Rudraksh resolves to go on with his life for Saraansh’s benefit. Mishka later finds out that Sanya is still alive.

Season 478

It is revealed that Armaan had a cunning plot to bother Rudraksh by accusing him of killing Saniya. Rudraksh is demoralised by Preesha’s recollections in the meanwhile.

Saturday 4 February 2023

Episode 479

When Mishka claims to have proof proving Preesha’s innocence, Rudraksh strikes a bargain with her and releases her from custody. Sanya is alive, as Mishka later discloses.


Season 480

Armaan is forced to reveal his objectives by Preesha, who injects narcotics into his drink. Later, Mishka makes a startling request of Rudraksh in exchange for his assistance in saving Preesha.

Sunday 5  February 2023

Episode 481

Preesha and Armaan intend to escape the nation. Mishka, on the other side, makes a marriage proposal to Rudraksh. Will he approve of her?

Season 482

Before departing, Preesha persuades Armaan to let her meet Rudraksh, and when she does, she is startled to witness him wed Mishka. Later, with Mishka’s assistance, Rudraksh finds Sanya.

My Desire Monday 6 February 2023

Episode 483

Preesha’s existence is made known to Sharda and the Shrinivasans by Rudraksh, who also introduces them to her. Later, he arranges a special evening with Preesha.

Season 484

When GPS and Vasudha discover an old photo of their kids, they start to cry. GPS disappears as Rudraksh strikes a new agreement with Param Aneja.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Episode 485

At midnight, Preesha and Rudraksh enjoy eating an ice cream. Later, after Rudraksh’s plot fails, Preesha comes up with a surprise for him.

Season 486

Rudraksh meets Preesha in the restaurant as per the arrangement. He first doesn’t recognise her. He is afterwards left speechless by Preesha’s transformation.

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Episode 487


After Saaransh attends a summer camp, Rudraksh has mental distress. Preesha, on the other hand, doesn’t believe GPS misled Vasudha.

Season 488

When Rudraksh and Preesha receive an unexpected call, they dash to Saaransh’s summer camp. While GPS slips out of the home, Vasudha follows him.

My Desire the 9th of February 2023

Season 489

With a special performance for the young children at the summer camp, Rudraksh shakes the stage. Later, Param Aneja will get a life-changing shock!

Season 490

To Rudraksh and Preesha, Param tells them a startling story about Vidhi. Later, when he sneaks out of the house at midnight, Preesha monitors GPS.

the 10th of February 2023

Season 491

When Rudraksh discovers that Vidhi has vanished from her chamber, he becomes concerned. When Preesha meets GPS in the hospital later, he or she is honest with her regarding Venkatesh.


Season 492

Appa makes valiant attempts to keep Cheta’s survival a secret from Amma, but he fails miserably. Additionally, Cheta and Amma are reunited.

Sunday, February 11, 2023

Season 493

Venky pushes himself on Mishka, leaving her in a state of astonishment. Her assertions are called into doubt as she seeks to persuade the family of Venky’s actions.

Season 494

As he discovers more about Mishka’s history, Param decides to call off their wedding. Later, when Rudraksh sides with Mishka, their friendship becomes strained.

My Desire a Sunday, February 12, 2023

Season 495

Mishka and Rudraksh come up with a brilliant scheme to reveal Venky’s wrongdoing. Later, Rudraksh gives Preesha an important hint.

Season 496

In order to obtain Mishka’s medical data, Venky travels to the hospital in disguise. After Rudraksh establishes his innocence, he and Preesha argue.

Mon., February 13, 2023

Season 497

Rudraksh makes Preesha uncomfortable while Vasudha has a heart attack. When she exiles him from her life, Rudraksh devises a scheme to reveal Venky’s identity.

My Desire Season 498

Venky goes exactly into Rudraksh’s trap, proving that his strategy is successful. Preesha watches in surprise as Rudraksh reveals to her Venky’s actual personality.

Monday, February 11, 2023

Season 499

Preesha feels bad for disbelieving Rudraksh as Venky is taken into custody by the police. Param and Mishka make the decision to be remarried in the meanwhile.

Season 500

Venky abducts Mishka after eluding the cops. Saaransh alerts Preesha and Rudraksh to Venky’s actions, though.


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