“My Dad Told My Mum To Abort Me” – Actress Susan Pwajok Says [Video]

“ My Dad Told My Mum To repeal Me ”- Actress Susan Pwajok Says( videotape)

In a talk with a Nigerian crossdresser named James Brown, actress Susan Pwajok revealed some family problems to him. She claimed that she chose to pay her education starting in secondary academy with the plutocrat she was making from performing. She also claimed that the reason she has no relationship with her father is because when her mama was carrying her, her father advised her to have an revocation.

The actress Susan Pwajok went on to claim that she began acting in primary academy and that she told her mama she wanted to pay her own academy charges. Susan Pwajok claimed that when she was in high academy, her musketeers made fun of her by telling her that she did not have a father, which made her worried.

Every time one of her classmates makes fun of her, she always remembers the time her mama said commodity to the effect of” My pater
told my mama to repeal me but she didn’t.” Susan Pwajok claimed that anytime she thinks of the word, she always feels like killing herself, yet her true musketeers are constantly by her side.

Susan Pwajok spoke considerably about her parenting. please click then.

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