#Xrepo deserve an award, it helps a lot of powerless people who have been failed by the state agencies. The latest episode of Xrepo has left many people talking in social media after a woman fall in love with a man with 8 children. Veronica was involved with a married man, who took rook advantage of her kindness, became she loves him. He took her car, and he is using it without giving her a chance to drive it. Apparently they bought cash together, Veronica contributed R20 000 while the man bring R12 000.


#Xrepo deserves recognition because it aids several helpless individuals who have been let down by government agencies. After a woman fell in love with a man who had eight children, the most recent episode of Xrepo has gotten a lot of people talking on social media. Due of Veronica’s affection for him, a married man took advantage of her generosity and became engaged with her. Without giving her a chance to use it, he grabbed her car and is now using it. They reportedly spent their money together; Veronica brought R20,000 and the man R$12,000 in cash.


After he didn’t give anything to the house and instead took her car,


the woman accepted an aggressive man and his nine children and grandchildren. He even demanded that she change her RDP to his name. Such crap is tolerat by the poor woman. The worst part of the circumstance is that he is traveling with nine children and grandchildren to feed.

Some people get into relationships purely for their own gain and not for the benefit of the other person. The man has the gall to claim that they are his possessions because he is a man. He believed that the woman would leave him to exploit her and would not intervene. Not everything matched what was in the newspaper, and the man continued to claim that the car wasn’t hers.

The woman was help in getting her automobile returne by Mr. X. He explained to him that he could not let him take advantage of a helpless woman who has been providing for him and his nine children. Young lads eventually chastise the man for yelling at them and for the incident. Stop dating shady males who take advantage of you, ladies. Being single is not a sin or a crime, so women shouldn’t be afraid of it. Avoiding human interference in your life will make things better.

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