Mosebjadi from Skeem Saam: A Rising Star’s Journey

Discovering Zizo Sobutyu’s Rise in Skeem Saam

Zizo Sobutyu, a talented South African actress, has captivated audiences with her portrayal of Mosebjadi on the popular TV series Skeem Saam. Born and raised in Midrand, this young actress has become a household name, leaving many curious about the person behind the character.

The Enigmatic Zizo Sobutyu

Zizo’s birth details are shrouded in mystery, with only a vague timeframe between 2005 and 2006. Currently in Grade 11, she falls within the age range of 16 to 17 years. Despite her youth, Zizo’s acting prowess has propelled her into the limelight, making Mosebjadi a well-known name among Skeem Saam enthusiasts.

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A Glimpse into Zizo’s Early Life

Zizo Sobutyu’s educational journey began in Midrand, where she attended primary school. As of 2022, she is still navigating the halls of high school in Grade 11. Her commitment to the craft led her to the Baobab Drama Academy, where she honed her skills alongside other promising talents.

From Poetry to Drama: Zizo’s Artistic Evolution

Zizo’s involvement in the Dramatised Poetry Group at Brynston Parallel Medium during the National Eisteddfod of South Africa marked a significant chapter in her artistic journey. In 2017, she and her peers, including Anele Ngwane, earned a Diploma, paving the way for their participation in the National Young Performer Awards.

The following year, Zizo showcased her versatility at the Johannesburg Theatre Arts and Culture Festival, earning a commendable (B) rating for the Classical Duet “The Brighton Beach Memoirs,” performed alongside Anele Ngwane.

Stepping into the Skeem Saam Spotlight

January 2022 marked a turning point in Zizo Sobutyu’s career as she secured the role of Mosebjadi in Skeem Saam. Her debut appearance on the 12th of January was met with anticipation and intrigue from the audience.

Insights into Mosebjadi’s World

In a candid reflection, Zizo shared her thoughts on portraying Mosebjadi’s character on Skeem Saam. She revealed, “Mosebjadi was introduced to you on the 12th of January. At that time, none of you knew much about her, but as time went on, you acknowledged that she was a victim of bullying.”

The Emotional Journey of Portraying Mosebjadi

Zizo Sobutyu immersed herself in the role, allowing Mosebjadi’s struggles to resonate deeply within her. She confessed, “I’ve learned to understand Mosebjadi in order to portray her correctly. In the process of understanding her, I’ve allowed her to take full control over me to the point where I’m losing myself.”

The actress went on to share the emotional toll of the role, expressing, “I’ve gained so many insecurities within myself. Every little thing triggers me. I think I can finally say I relate so much to bullying. My character took me to places I never saw myself going to.”

A Powerful Message against Bullying

Zizo Sobutyu’s portrayal of Mosebjadi brought to light the profound impact of bullying. She emphasized the importance of addressing this issue, stating, “I’ve learnt how bullying can affect you in so many ways and how it can destroy you. Bullying shouldn’t be taken for granted.”

In a heartfelt plea, she concluded, “Be kind; we all wear masks. We all portray ourselves as happy souls, but the things we go through are bigger than us. Seek God. Pray. Again, be kind.”

In conclusion, Zizo Sobutyu’s journey from the Baobab Drama Academy to the Skeem Saam stage reflects a rising star’s dedication to her craft. Her portrayal of Mosebjadi not only entertains but also sheds light on the serious issue of bullying, delivering a powerful message to viewers.

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