Masechaba Khumalo Shares Her Story: Allegations of Assault by Jub Jub


Masechaba Khumalo, the renowned radio and TV personality, has bravely come forward to recount a distressing incident involving rapper and ‘Uyajola 9/9’ host, Jub Jub. This article delves into the details of her allegations and the legal proceedings surrounding this case.

1. Masechaba Khumalo’s Disturbing Encounter

Masechaba Khumalo

Masechaba Khumalo, a prominent figure in the media industry, recently disclosed that she was a mere 16-year-old virgin when she claims to have experienced se#ual abuse at the hands of Jub Jub. The shocking revelation forms part of a comprehensive police statement filed by Khumalo, who is one of four complainants in the charges against the Uyajola 9/9 host.

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2. The Timeline of the Alleged Assault

Khumalo revealed that her brief relationship with the rapper transpired in 1999 or 2000, during her high school years in grade 11 or 12. She asserts that she explicitly communicated her virginity to Jub Jub.

3. A Fateful Evening

According to Khumalo’s account, Jub Jub invited her over for a movie night and popcorn at his parental home in Naturena, Johannesburg. Their evening began with pleasantries as his parents departed. However, as the movie progressed, Jub Jub’s intentions took a sinister turn.

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4. The Unwanted Advances

Khumalo detailed her distressing experience, recounting how Jub Jub persistently attempted to coerce her into engaging in s#xual activity despite her repeated refusals. She resorted to physical resistance, using her knees and legs to push him away as he advanced upon her.

5. A Terrifying Moment

As Khumalo continued to rebuff his advances, she alleges that Jub Jub ultimately overpowered her, forcibly opened her legs, and s#xually assaulted her. She described feeling numb and paralyzed during the traumatic experience, which was both brief and excruciating.

6. Aftermath: Seeking Help

The following day, Jub Jub reportedly contacted Khumalo, instructing her to obtain morning-after pills to prevent pregnancy. She followed his guidance, though she was already grappling with the emotional aftermath of the traumatic incident.

7. Emotional Toll: Depression and Anxiety

Khumalo’s harrowing experience left her battling depression and anxiety in the aftermath. The emotional scars ran deep, affecting her daily life and well-being.

8. Legal Implications for Jub Jub

Jub Jub now faces a staggering 13 counts, including multiple charges of r@pe, indecent assault, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and numerous counts of kidnapping. The severity of these charges underscores the gravity of the allegations.

9. Upcoming Court Appearance The legal saga surrounding Jub Jub continues, with his next court appearance scheduled for November 8. His defense team, led by lawyer Ntsako Baloyi, has requested a lengthy postponement to explore all available avenues to challenge the charges.

10. The State’s Readiness The National Prosecuting Authority’s spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane, has confirmed that the state has fully disclosed the contents of the docket and is prepared to set a trial date. The defense, however, has expressed its need to study the docket’s contents and decide on its approach before proceeding.

In conclusion, Masechaba Khumalo’s courageous disclosure sheds light on a deeply distressing episode in her life and underscores the importance of addressing allegations of s#xual assault with utmost seriousness. As legal proceedings continue, the truth will hopefully emerge, bringing closure to a painful chapter in Khumalo’s life.

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