MaMkhize Addresses Allegations of Past Misconduct in Exclusive Carte Blanche Interview

In the spotlight as both the head of Royal Am soccer and a prominent reality TV personality, Shauwn Mkhize, also known as “MaMkhize,” has frequently made headlines for her controversial business practices and a previous conviction for fraud. However, in an upcoming interview with Carte Blanche, she confronts these allegations head-on.

MaMkhize Faces Tough Questions

A teaser clip released on social media offers a glimpse into the forthcoming interview, where MaMkhize tackles probing questions regarding her past.

Journalist Govan Whittles doesn’t shy away from addressing the elephant in the room, asking MaMkhize directly about her fraud conviction.

Confronting the Allegations

In response, MaMkhize adopts a defensive stance, disassociating herself from the charges. “But it can’t be me because that wasn’t me… it’s the company,” she asserts.

The discussion centers around her 2005 conviction for VAT fraud, during which MaMkhize, then married to Sbu Mpisane, a former Metro Cop turned entrepreneur, was embroiled in controversy.

Legal Troubles and Controversies

MaMkhize’s legal woes continued in 2013 when she faced charges of fraud and forgery related to government tenders awarded to her company, Zikhulise Cleaning, Maintenance, and Transport. These tenders, valued at over R140 million, were obtained under questionable circumstances, leading to her arrest.

Clearing Her Name

Despite the gravity of the allegations, MaMkhize maintains her innocence, attributing oversight to her bookkeeper and denying personal involvement in fraudulent activities. She weathered a storm of legal battles, including accusations of tax fraud and corruption, ultimately emerging from the courtroom unscathed.

A Billion-Rand Empire

Despite the controversies surrounding her, MaMkhize’s business empire continued to flourish, reportedly securing over R1 billion in government tenders over the years.


As Carte Blanche gears up to air the exclusive interview, the episode promises to delve deep into the intersection of fame, fortune, and legal entanglements. With MaMkhize taking center stage, viewers are left to ponder: can glitz and glamour overshadow a tarnished past?

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