Lingashoni 2 Teasers - February 2023

Episode 183 for February 1, 2023

Mpumi’s heart is warmed by Donald, but is it enough? Brenda’s scheme to get Robert and Poppy intimate fails, and Mandla’s conscience wins out.

Episode 184 from Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mpumi agrees to let Donald stay with Alakhe one more night, but she is unprepared for what happens next. Brenda goes back to wearing rags.

Episode 185 from February 6, 2023

Finding Alakhe is a race, but an old Nondumo foe is also involved. Donald conducts a prank that causes two families’ ties to break apart.

episode 186 of February 7th, 2023

Robert’s wife intentionally misleads him. Rejecting Seipati’s apologies is Puleng. Concerning information concerning Donald’s location is received by the Nondumos.

Episode 187 for February 8, 2023

While Mandla succumbs to Puleng’s overtures, Robert betrays Sarah and calls the police on her to expose Donald’s location.

Episode 188, which aired on February 9th, 2023

When it comes to defending Alakhe, Donald commits a serious error. After she postpones the wedding, Mandla and Puleng get physical. Poppy moves toward Robert.

Episode 189 for February 13, 2023, Monday

When Donald gets home, Alakhe is missing, and Puleng and Mandla decide to keep their relationship a secret.

Episode 189 for February 14, 2023

Donald pays a price for his involvement in Alakhe’s disappearance. With equally risky outcomes, Puleng and Mandla play a perilous game.

Episode 191 for February 15, 2023 on Wednesday

Up until Robert gets a call from an old acquaintance and Mandla and Puleng commit the worst sin, Alakhe’s absence is a mystery.

Episode 192 for February 16, 2023

An urgent request for Robert to save Alakhe’s life is made. Mandla is not committed to Puleng’s desire for their relationship to last.

Episode 193 for February 20, 2023

Donald formally declares Robert to be dead. There is conflict inside the Nondumo household. Mandla sails erratically near the breeze.

Episode 186 for February 21, 2023

The Nondumos are at each other’s throats because of Alakhe’s abduction. Cold facts are spoken between Robert and Donald. Mantoa discovers Mandla and Puleng fleeing Seipati’s home in secret.

Episode 195 for February 22, 2023

When they see a video of Alakhe, Robert is running out of time, and Mantoa will receive a reward from Mandla for her quiet.

Episode 196 for February 23, 2023.

Robert broadcasts live on the news. In order to maintain Mantoa’s secrecy, Mandla must submit to his requests.

Episode 197, which aired on February 27th, 2023

Robert gets shocked by Donald just when he believes his nightmare is finished. Mdu feels unstoppable since his rival is just where he wants him to be.

Episode 198 for February 28, 2023

Robert’s destiny is sealed when Donald decides to take matters into his own hands. Alakhe has returned home, and Papi doesn’t seem to fit into their ideal family.

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