Lady Du, a South African musician and DJ, has been having an extremely difficult time emotionally as she attempts to cope with the death of her brother. The Amapiano sensation lamented his passing on her timeline without revealing what caused it.

She said, “To take my brother away from me before I could even accomplish what I wanted for him is so unfair. Lord you know what death does to me, you know how sensitive I am.

You are the only one who knows how I’ll bounce back. Today, despite my efforts to compose myself, the realization that I would never see my brother again hit me. Bro, RIP. I adore you a lot. When you go to paradise, say hello to my grandma. until we meet again. Unglimazile bro Thabiso.”


“I now know what true suffering is—working through it. I want to say to everyone, please spend as much time as you can with your family. Time spent with loved ones cannot be replaced by money.I pledge to treat myself and those around me with more kindness going forward. I also pledge to provide hugs when they are required and to honor God in whatever I do. Even though I’m in excruciating pain, I want to work even harder since music is the one place I feel secure. We appreciate your thoughtful and genuine letters. I appreciate all the promoters who called and sent flowers. God’s protection over you.

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