Known Details About Mo Flava’s Wife And Children

Moeti Tsiki, better known by his stage name Mo Flava, is one of the most well-liked radio broadcasters in South Africa. He is best known for anchoring the Wake-Up show on Metro FM, and he combines years of experience and talent to make his shows come to life.

Mo Flava has managed to keep information about his family secret despite being extremely well-known and vocal. Aside from a few occasions when he provides brief glimpses of his family on Instagram to mark significant occasions, the radio DJ seldom ever discusses his family in public.

Therefore, does Mo Flava have a wife and kids? Here is all the information you require regarding Mo Flava’s wife, his marriage, and his kids.

Who is Mo Flava’s wife?

Who is Mo Flava’s wife?

Mbali Cele Tsiki, a stunning young woman, is Mo Flava’s bride. She is quite a private lady, in contrast to her renowned husband, therefore hardly much is known about her.

When and when Mo Flava and his wife originally met, as well as how long they dated before deciding to get married, are unknown.

The couple wed in October 2020 after a protracted courtship. Mo Flava posted a picture of himself and his wife along with the caption, “A year after our wedding, Mo Flava and his wife held our traditional wedding ceremony,” on Instagram to share the news of his marriage.

Mo Flava decided to share a further, extremely rare image of himself and his wife dressed in traditional bridal garb along with a heartfelt message to mark the momentous occasion.

Recently, the pair celebrated two years after their wedding. We hope they have many more years of love and happiness.
Children of Mo Flava
Mo Flava is not only a devoted husband, but he is also a father, a secret that he also kept up until quite recently.
The well-known radio host posted on Instagram to commemorate his son’s birthday in April 2022. The 14-year-old Phoka Tsiki appears to have a great sense of style based on the pictures his father posted online.

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