Kind van die Noodlot 2 Teasers and Updates - February 2023

Episode 20 for February 1, 2023 (123)

Kahraman is working on a surprise gift for Elif. The threat letter has Defne worried, but Yakup has his own theories as to where it originated from.

Episode 21 for February 2, 2023 (124)

When Elif gets home, she discovers that the family and employees were present at the wedding ceremony as guests, a surprise that Kahraman had planned for her. Kiymet is confronted by Saadet to acknowledge that she stole Yakup as a child.

Episode 22 for February 6 of 2023 (125)

Despite having guards, the Yorukhan mansion is burned down by an arsonist. Kiymet sees Saadet in private and asks her to hold off on telling Yakup that he is his mother’s kid until Ziya has recovered.

Episode 23 for February 7, 2023 (126)

In order to protect them, Kahraman invites Defne and Ece to the mansion, where Toprak misbehaves and rejects Elif. Elif hears Defne talking on the phone and begins to believe that she is the source of all the threats and difficulties.

Episode 24 for February 8, 2023 (127)

Defne and the fact that Kahraman doesn’t believe her aggravate Elif more and more. Saadet’s whereabouts are a top priority for Kiymet and Sukran, and Selim has now realised why Melek is furious with him.

Episode 25 for February 9, 2023 on Thursday (128)

Elif is really working on a strategy to catch Defne off guard while it appears like they are at peace. Despite alarming news, Sukran and Kiymet desire to face Saadet.

Episode 26 for February 13, 2023 (129)

Elif’s charges had more severe effects than she had imagined. Due to her stress, she makes a tough choice that Defne may utilise to carry out her cunning schemes.

Episode 27 for February 14, 2023 (130)

Elif is so furious with Kahraman because she thinks he doesn’t trust her so she starts looking for a job to become independent as he attempts to find out who put the home on fire.

Episode 28 for February 15, 2023 (131)

Elif is seeking employment, and Kahraman offers to hire Defne in the marketing division. Maksut assures Yakup that he won’t seek retribution against Elif and Kahraman, while Sukran converses with Saadet and discovers the truth. Sukran can’t maintain

Episode 29 for Thursday, February 16, 2023 (132)

When Yakup sees Saadet, she explains to him why she left him as a baby. As soon as Elif and Soner begin working for Yorukhan Holdings, Kahraman feels compelled to make peace with Elif. However, their reunion is short-lived since Kahraman won’t accept Elif’s apology.

Episode 30 of Monday, February 20, 2023 (133)

While Elif and Kahraman continue to argue, Defne implements a strategy to further absolve herself of responsibility. As Maksut’s trial draws close, Saadet turns to Yakup for assistance, who is unsure of how to act now that he is aware of his actual identity.

Episode 31 of Tuesday, February 21, 2023 (134)

As Maksut’s trial comes to a close, we learn the truth about what actually transpired between Saadet and Ziya. Jealousy runs rampant at the business launch.

Episode 32 for February 22, 2023 (135)

When Kahraman notices Defne’s dismay after learning that the doctor has cleared Ziya for surgery, his suspicions about her grow. He hires a specialist to look for further hints on Ziya’s mobile device.

Episode 33 for Thursday, February 23, 2023 (136)

While everyone is looking for Melek, they are unaware that she is standing just in front of them. Defne becomes anxious when she learns that Ziya’s surgery will go place sooner than anticipated.

Episode 24 of Monday, February 27, 2023 (137)

When Defne realises she’s in a tight spot, she makes the decision to run. She is not rescued by Maksut. Melek is informed by Saadet that Yakup is her brother.

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